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The ‘romance’ of romantic novels…..

I was just 12 years old and I wondered into a book shop. The owner showed me all the books a young adult would like – Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Anna of Green Gables. I picked them and one more – a vague book with green cover, called Shadow Princess. I picked it up because… Continue reading The ‘romance’ of romantic novels…..

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More on History and Story

india calcutta bookstore (Photo credit: FriskoDude) Continuing on my previous musings of historical novels, I must own that my very first introduction to the genre of historical novels began with M M Kaye’s The Shadow of the Moon- set in 1857 India, it chronicles the Sepoy Mutiny through the principle characters of Captain Alex Randall and Winter… Continue reading More on History and Story

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History and Story….

I love history and I love literature. What happens when you mix the two together – Historical novels! To say I enjoy historical novels is a subtle understatement. I am practically fanatical about them…..A lot of people, mostly the same type about whom I referred in my previous blog, often are incredulous that I can… Continue reading History and Story….

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Let us read, let us dance…..

I want to ask to that part of the population that is passionate about books and reading and that too in an obsessive compulsive manner like me, who needs to read at least 3 books a week if not more, have you been asked this question – How can you read the same book twice?… Continue reading Let us read, let us dance…..

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Deliver us from another Vampire Tale

The other day I was browsing at a bookshop and a woman walked in. Without being prejudiced, I have to confess that one look at her and you know she is one of those anorexic-fake blonde-fake Gucci girls. What was surprising was that she was in a bookstore! I mean did she confuse herself with… Continue reading Deliver us from another Vampire Tale

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Satire be my song….List of 10 best satires from all times

In the words of Lord Byron, I believe and am strongly of the opinion that satires are perhaps the best social commentary of any time besides being from a literary perspective, one the best reads. I know Anthony Trollope had argued that a satirist should write only little otherwise people will believe that his/her words… Continue reading Satire be my song….List of 10 best satires from all times

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All ado about pathos and tragedy

I am fundamentally a very happy person. I was not always a happy person, but a wise man once advised me that to get ahead in life especially when things are down and out, one must consciously make an attempt to be happy. This might include wearing an outfit that you never wear but you… Continue reading All ado about pathos and tragedy