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The wind and the willows and the chimes…..

Nothing rejuvenates me more than going away from the city to the mountains. The sun shining on me, the gentle cold breeze, and the sound of the wind chimes mixing with the wild songs that the birds sing….heaven can wait, this is paradise. As planned, my flat mate, her parents and I took off for… Continue reading The wind and the willows and the chimes…..

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The complete and profound “joy” of gift buying

It’s my best friend who also doubles up as my flatmate’s birthday next week. Next week is also another friend’s birthday as well as another colleague’s whom-I-don’t-like- but-have-to like-for-business-reasons. So what all this translates into is a weekend of shopping for appropriate gifts. Now here’s the thing – I do not like shopping! I think I… Continue reading The complete and profound “joy” of gift buying

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All those “Beautiful” Men…..

I went to watch a movie over the weekend. Never mind what the movie was or who was in it! It was something else that caught my attention and kind of stumped me and kept me wondering. During the intermission, while the world goes out to buy Nachos, popcorn and yucky burgers, I sit through all… Continue reading All those “Beautiful” Men…..

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The Glorious Morn and I

Now there is something absolutely marvellous about getting up in the morning, while the dawn is still breakig (Yuck! I hate that term, Thank You Stephanie Meyer!) and looking out of to the open valley from an 8th floor apartment (that’s where I stay! While it sounds picturesque…’s on the outskirts of the suburb of the… Continue reading The Glorious Morn and I

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Perfection, Blocks and Blogs

For the last couple of days, I have been suffering from what is referred to in a clichéd manner as “The Writer’s Block”!  I want to understand why something that sounds so bloody positive should actually mean a dead end! I mean the idea of a writer’s block should conjure images of 1920’s Paris and… Continue reading Perfection, Blocks and Blogs

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Everybody needs a Television sometime……????!!!!!!

So I have this mammoth confession to make – It’s like one of those closet secret that nobody talks about and everybody knows and they give you the “look” when you walk into the room. You know what kind I am talking about ….right? Anyhow, I have to make a similar confession and I thought… Continue reading Everybody needs a Television sometime……????!!!!!!

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The Curious Incident of my Mom at daytime….

My love affair with books is a gift from my parents. I cannot remember a time when my dad did not read out to me and when his fingers moving over the alphabets in those large pop out fairy tale books became absorbed in my mind, for me to read on my own. As far… Continue reading The Curious Incident of my Mom at daytime….