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Saturday Nights and the Ds…..

I spent last night, i.e. the Saturday night in the most clichéd form possible! Went drinking then dancing and then again drinking and then again dancing followed by more drinking and finally an early morning breakfast! I am told this way of spending the Saturday night shows that one has a life – a social life!… Continue reading Saturday Nights and the Ds…..

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All that we see or seem……

I was walking along the shady path that led up to the house. It was a huge rambling mansion that had seen better days, but despite the peeling paint and the washed out appearance, it was still imposing. The rain lashed out harder and as I neared the entrance…..I could remember in flashes the memories… Continue reading All that we see or seem……

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Camaraderie in Weimar Republic

I had mentioned previously that I was reading a book called “Three Comrade” by Erich Maria Remarque and I finished it some time ago. After reading the book, I thought and thought for some time and decided it will be apt to write a note about it! I am not going to start by praising… Continue reading Camaraderie in Weimar Republic