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Austenian Manner at the Manor

I have always been a creature of impulses – going mostly by what my heart dictates and not my head with inevitable disastrous results. But there are times when things turn out quite unexpectedly successful even when you have not used an iota of rationality – I think it’s the law of averages …I mean… Continue reading Austenian Manner at the Manor

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On the banks of Thames……

I want to share an amazing piece of historical fiction that I have just read (Yes! I hear you groan and I promise to write about a modern-day set novel soon….I was about to say next week, but I have the Alexander Trilogy lined up…so it will be soon and yes too much of historical fiction… Continue reading On the banks of Thames……

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All that Drama and Music…..

I am not too much of a movie buff…..I mean I watch movies but I would rather go out of my way to avoid them.(My best friend/flatmate on the other hand lives, breathes and dreams movies….I think you can guess what we fight about the most!) I do not like television and only form of creative… Continue reading All that Drama and Music…..

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Urgent Help Required for the Inspirationaly Challenged

Inspiration has left me and for once mu hyper active brain is completely devoid of subjects to write about. This usually does not happen to me, but this lack of creativity could be stemming from the fact that I slept I think 18 hrs of the last 24 hrs which is highly unusual in someone who… Continue reading Urgent Help Required for the Inspirationaly Challenged

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Love and Mutiny in the times of British Raj

I think I have already mentioned in one my previous blogs that I LOVE Historical fiction. If it’s a historical romance, even better (Oh! Come on! I am a girl after all!!). So when I decided to write this post I thought I would do a quick survey of some of the top historical romances before… Continue reading Love and Mutiny in the times of British Raj