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Once upon a time in the Jazz Age…..

I finally finished reading The Great Gatsby and my first reaction is – why the hell did I wait so long to read this magnificent work??? Why the hell did I believe that this very stereotypical tale would be written in same trite manner set in an era and country that in itself continues to make people… Continue reading Once upon a time in the Jazz Age…..

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The Classic Attempt…..

This blog is completely inspired by The Classics Club ….I am not sure why I venture into these challenges, considering I fail most of the time….I mean I am not a person who really thrives on short notices or deadlines! I felt really weird writing the last sentence, I mean the other me – you know… Continue reading The Classic Attempt…..

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The one year old….

Happy blogoversary to me!!!!! I did it…I scrapped and grind my teeth and grumbled many a times, but I managed to complete one year of blogging! I know I was not always regular and I know my initial resolution of blogging every day came down to blogging only on the weekends, but somehow I managed… Continue reading The one year old….

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All those Legacies…..

There are many things that comes to us a legacies – a house, jewelry, money, an old piano…..the list I guess could go on.  At any case, legacies are of great importance, for they bind us to a past that is inherently our own and through which, in many cases, our identity derives from. The… Continue reading All those Legacies…..