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Meeting Lucy!

Basis the review by Fleur about Margaret Kennedy’s Lucy Carmichael, I picked this one up. I had many reasons NOT to pick this one up – • It was set in a time period that is not my idea of historical piece; I mean its post 1950 and everyone knows that my idea of history… Continue reading Meeting Lucy!

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Horror! Horror! Shudder! Shudder! And More!

I don’t know why I get involved in all this sort of things and again I have Stefanie to thank for this! But now that I have decided that I will do, do it I will…. What am I talking about? I am talking about RIP 2013 The idea is to read any of 4… Continue reading Horror! Horror! Shudder! Shudder! And More!

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To Read or To Write….that is the Question!

I read on Stephanie’s blog (Thank you again for making me think!) about an essay in LA Review of Books by William Giraldi called The Writer as a Reader and it got me thinking on the concept of understanding the art that you create and how that art may have been conceptualized. Can you truly be a good… Continue reading To Read or To Write….that is the Question!

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And one more spin….

So the Classic Club has initiated another Classic Spin. The rules of course never change; same ol, same ol! • Pick 20 Classics of your choice • On Monday, i.e. Aug 19th, the Club will pick a number • You read the book that you have marked against the number through August and September Now… Continue reading And one more spin….

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And for the August path….

So I did the disappearing act again but I was travelling on business for 4 whole weeks and the project implementation kind of sucked all life force out of me, leaving me with no time for anything I hold remotely close to my heart – eating, travelling, writing; the only indulgence I had been reading… Continue reading And for the August path….