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It happened in Aleppo…

Sometimes you read a book that leaves you intensely sad – it could be because of the story, like Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief or because it is not only the tale but also the history surrounding the tale. Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying in any way that the events of World… Continue reading It happened in Aleppo…

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All About Nothings and Somethings….

As God be my witness, this year has been super crappy; even the bubbly me hangs her head and sighs when I look back on this year and see the misses – Got unceremoniously dumped! (Yay!) Much awaited Promotion did not happen and in fact went to an office slacker More rejections on publishing front More… Continue reading All About Nothings and Somethings….

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And December Will Come Spinning ….!

No! No! I cannot and I mean I CANNOT take on more projects! The Classic Club Spin#4 is way too much for a plate that already has so much and spilling over. Besides the Classic Club spin batting rate in favor of the books I selected is only 33%. I did not like re-reading Madame… Continue reading And December Will Come Spinning ….!

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The Veil and The View….

I know my plate is full and things are about to topple over, but I just could not pass up not answering The Classic Club’s November’s Meme – “A meme rewind: Pick a classic someone else in the club has read from our big review list. Link to their review and offer a quote from… Continue reading The Veil and The View….

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Just a Bit More Than Usual

I thought it was a good day to sit back and think just how many things I have gotten myself into for the month of November and muse over the fact about why do I take on more than I can manage and why do I keep making myself a guinea-pig for all Sadistic Gods who… Continue reading Just a Bit More Than Usual