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A Universal New Zealander…..

I just finished reading Katherine Mansfield’s The Collected Stories and I am sitting in awe….there is no other word except awe! Actually I take that back, I am in awe and at the same time kicking myself for being stupid – why the hell did it take me soooooooooo long to get around reading her… Continue reading A Universal New Zealander…..

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Awesome Mom’s Some….

I know this might be a bit clichéd but I cannot think of a more proper way to celebrate Mother’s Day that to list some of the most amazing and coolest moms of fiction. Like all our awesome mom’s these moms embody the qualities that makes the them so wonderful – courage, wisdom and patience. So here’s… Continue reading Awesome Mom’s Some….

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Time To Go Spinning Again….

I missed the last couple of Classic Club Spins due to ill-health, over work, blah, blah blah! But like I mentioned in one of previous blogs, I back anew. Therefore it’s only natural that I undertake to be part of the Classic Club Spin again, even if I get to read books I never like (Remember Madame… Continue reading Time To Go Spinning Again….

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At The Very Source…..

“The Source” by James Michener is one of my all-time favorites; it’s a book I go back to after years and years and it embraces me like an old friend who still has more tales to tell, despite my having visited it many times previously! It’s one of my personal bibles and stands up there with… Continue reading At The Very Source…..