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Picture Story….

There are times when you read a book that takes your breath away…you sit for hours on end trying to internalize what you have just read…. trying to piece together the storm of emotions as your brain tries to re-direct itself to the more practical and realistic matters at hand, but for all its effort,… Continue reading Picture Story….

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What the Spinning Led to….

I know I have mentioned this in the past, that The Classic Club Spin has always somehow or the other forced me to read books which I had the least inclination for, but most of the time the results were excellent and I was an enriched reader for having ventured into unchartered waters.  I had  all ready-made up my mind… Continue reading What the Spinning Led to….

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Spinning in August

I will keep this post short and simple… to begin with seems like my technology challenges continue…. every time I type the system seems to pick up an extra alphabet…so when I type an O, an RO comes…don’t ask me what is going on!!! To add to my woes, I have been laid up the entire weekend… Continue reading Spinning in August

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Finally Something Lovely…..

It’s been a tiresome troublesome two weeks – I have besieged with challenges, both tangential and non-tangential – Just after my laptop was fixed and I could resume my normal blogging activities, WordPress for some reason decided to send all comments I made to the SPAM folder!! My phone after being fixed went caput again… Continue reading Finally Something Lovely…..