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Ahh…The Glorious Autumn is Here….

I think by now one and all are aware for my love and obsession about Autumn – Winter. Like the true winter child that I am, I thrive in these 6 months, while I wither and die in Spring/Summers. (Yes! I know it’s unnatural to be depressed about spring, but in my mind, it heralds summer,… Continue reading Ahh…The Glorious Autumn is Here….

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The Ripping Reads….

I finally finished two of my RIP IX reads and considering both are masterpieces and everything that could be said has been said about them. Therefore I thought of doing a short combined post on both the books and instead of doing the usual reviews, I thought I will just share some observations that have… Continue reading The Ripping Reads….

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Reading Updates and Other News…

I had all the good intentions of blogging about Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca”, which I was re-reading as part of RIP IX; but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and that’s exactly what happened to me. Long hours at work, trying to get the “Identity Campaign” going and some unnecessary irritants have… Continue reading Reading Updates and Other News…

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Serching for Truth in Victorian England

I know this review comes a bit late, but I guess better late than never!! I finished reading my second Margaret Kennedy book for Jane’s Margaret Kennedy Week yesterday, but between one thing and the other could not blog about it! So here’s my take on ‘’The Wild Swan” – It is absolutely remarkable! I… Continue reading Serching for Truth in Victorian England

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The Cliff and Morality…

I just finished my first of the two Margaret Kennedy for the Margret Kennedy Week that Jane is hosting. I read “The Feast”, published in 1950, has  had been in my TBR for a VERY LONG TIME! And now that I have read it, I cannot help but kick myself and think – why the… Continue reading The Cliff and Morality…

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All About Cooking Violets …..

Like I always say, one can never go wrong with recommendations from certain bookish blogs! Stephanie is one and the other one is Jane. Jane has introduced me to Margaret Kennedy and Hélène Gestern and now Martine Bailey. If it had not been for Jane’s review for Appetite For Violets, I would have bypassed this book… Continue reading All About Cooking Violets …..