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I had all the good intentions of blogging about Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca”, which I was re-reading as part of RIP IX; but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and that’s exactly what happened to me. Long hours at work, trying to get the “Identity Campaign” going and some unnecessary irritants have rendered this day absolutely exhausting and therefore I blog simply today to give everybody a reading update and to share something I really liked on Pinterest some time ago and had every intentions of sharing it here, but never did for one reason or other…like I said the road to hell and all that!!

In reading news, I progress slowly on “Angelica” by Arthur Phillip and I am not sure why this book is taking so long, but have every intentions of completing by the end of this week. I am really enjoying “The Complete Works of Christine Rossetti”, but she was a prolific writer and had reading all the works takes some time; besides since I am enjoying it so much, I decided to take it slow and savor it more. Out of nowhere and on an accidental recommendation, I picked up “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Seabold – the narrative seems highly unusual and I am very curious as to how it finally pans out. I am also trying to finish Elizabeth Gaskell’s “Gothic Tales” – those tales are seriously Gothic and a perfect read for the RIP! I have yet to begin either “The Painted Girls” by Cathy Marie Buchanan or “Penmarric” by Susan Howatch, besides finally getting down to reading “The True and Splendid History of the Harristown Sisters” by Michelle Lovric – I have been desperate to read these three for some time and still have not gotten around to despite having spent precious and my always limited funds to buy them! I am also in the middle of “The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon” by Richard Zimler and still not sure about the book!

That’s my bookish update!! Now for the post from Pintrest that I wanted to share; This was developed by Laura E Kelly and I found it really amusing!!



Me thinks me is a bit of the OCD Reader, the Book Preserver and Worshipper, with touches of Compulsive Book Buyer and the Immersive reader with streaks of The Book Buster, The Re-Reader, The Promiscuous reader and the multitasker and Sigh!! Yes I am ashamed to admit a strong dash of The Book Snob!!! So what are your styles? What do you think you are?

To end, I know this is getting kind of repetitive, but I do need help! I am currently running a crowdfunding project and we need your support to make it happen. Details are found here.

There are a couple of ways to support this cause –

  1. We need financial patronage – We need your monetary help to complete this project. Every contribution is of great value and you have our heartfelt appreciation for any amount that you put forth. You can pay via a credit/debit card, directly at Indiegogo’s Webiste (The project is called Identity on a Palate)
  2. Help us Spread the Word – Please share this campaign on your social network so that more people can become aware of this project. The more people see this, more the chances of us reaching our goal. Please so send me the link or a mail for the same, as we would love to see this live!

Please do help and Thank You again!

4 thoughts on “Reading Updates and Other News…

  1. Fun! I think that I’m The Book-Worshipper, Hoarder, Re-Reader, “It’s Complicated”, Anachronist Reader. Whoa, that is complicated! *** grin ****

    Oooo, Gothic Tales by Gaskell. I’ll have to remember that for next Halloween; a perfect choice!

    Your project sounds fascinating; I still have to go to the website to check it out. Best of luck with your fundraising.

    1. Oh!!! Worshipper for sure and I keep thinking I also think that I also must be partial towards the complication bit!! 😉 You must try Gothic Tales, – while some are ok, most of them leave you reeling!! Very good work by Ms. Gakell as always!! Thank you for the wishes on the Project…I need all the support I can get 🙂

  2. That’s a fun chart! I’m definitely a multitasker, eclectic, probably best fit as a free range “it’s complicated”

    I did not know Gaskell wrote gothic tales. Must remember that for next year’s RIP!

    1. Definetly a multitasker and I too trend towards its complicated!! I mean how can it be anything else – this is one our longest standing relationships!! 😉

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