Ideas on December, Holidays and Reading…

Ahh…December is finally here!! My favorite month of the year…the holiday season, the hopeful season (for the New Year is about to start and you can make all your plans here and now!!) and of course my birthday month! Undoubtedly the best month of the year!

Naturally this month being so awesome as is deserves an awesome reading plan, especially with a two-week long and lazy winter vacation! Therefore as I mentioned before, I have dubbed this month this month as I-Will-not-finish-the-year-without-finishing-these-books-self-event. It means that I will read all those books I have planned to read through the year but did not due to work, Reading events or because another book came up, I could not get around to them!

Kickstarting this month are two books which I think I have mentioned in my TBR for at least 4 month running but not gotten around to reading them – Michelle Lovric’s “The True and Splendid History of the Harrington Sisters” as well as Susan Howatch’s “Penamrric”. Finally I have started reading them!! Yay!! Also inspired by Stefanie’s re-read, I began reading “Emma” by Jane Austen and the book has such a Christmassy flavor to it with snow, fires and wonderful dinner parties that it seems like a great book to read now. I also have to finish Henry James’s “The American” and Mark Twain’s “Innocent Abroad” as a study in contrasting genres with similar subject written during same period. I am absolutely devoted to Anthony Trollope and Jane has posted such wonderful things about the Palliser Series that I have decided to read “Can You Forgive Her?” and “Phineas Finn”. Jane brilliant review on L.G. Montgomery’s “The Blue Castle” made me add it to the holiday season reading pile. Also in for indulgence of my Historical Fiction obsession a little more I have plans to read Sarah Water’s “Affinity”. Finally I have not read any plays for some time, so December is a good time to dig in and read G.B. Shaw’s “Selected Short Plays”.

As part of reading events, I am readingMy Antoniaby Willa Cather both as my Classic Club Spin #8 and Ali’s Willa Cather Reading week. Also reading (Sigh!) and I cannot believe it is Daphane Du Maurier’s “Jamaica Inn” as part of Goodreads Women’s Classic Literature Enthusiasts.

That’s my plan for December….considering it’s the holiday time, I am sure I will read a whole lot more but because it is my I-Will-not-finish-the-year-without-finishing-these-books-self-event, I keep myself open to reading whatever comes along!!


14 thoughts on “Ideas on December, Holidays and Reading…

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but your plans make me whoozy. 😉 Are you doing nothing else in December but reading? Are you a speed-reader extraordinaire? Ha ha! I’m only joking …… well, maybe half-joking …..

    You have some great and very eclectic choices. I wanted to participate in Willa Cather week but I have so much else to read that I think I’m going to have to pass. Boo hoo! Note to self: don’t take courses, just read with your friends!

    In any case, have a wonderful reading December! And a happy, glorious birthday to you too! *** sending virtual thoughts of cake and celebrations and feeling younger instead of older *****

    1. hehhhhahhheeeehhaheee Cleo..I know you are not joking!! 😉 So here’s the deal..I think I actually read far more slowly than most…I mean look at Jane or Ali…they average one book a day…while I average 2 books over weekends!!! But considering on holidays I spend the day doing nothing but cooking and reading, I end up reading quite a bit…It does make my life kinda look sad…like there are exciting wine tasting events or discs that I go to…but thats how things are 🙂 I like the “don’t take course” part…I did take some and yeah!! group reading is soooooo much better!!Thank you for the lovely wishes…the birthday is still some time away (its 23rd) but its more of the December frenzy that gets me!!!

      1. A book a day – I wish I had the time! I read two to three books a week, depending on how much time I have and how long the books are, and I work in a couple of audio books, that I can listed to while doing other things, each month. It maybe looks like I read more than I do because I do a lot of list-making and planning!

      2. Hahahaheeee…. Jane whether we manage two or three, bottom line we are book obsessed! I feel the Project Manager in me coming alive and i want to do a time and motion study of how much we read, books versus e-readers versus audio books and tracking days when we read more versus less and doing a fishbone analysis with Gantt charts! I can see Cleo shaking her head and throwing a virtual book at me! 😉 i think i just confirmed her opinion about being crazy! 🙂

      3. @ Jane —– I’ve seen your reading pace and I must say that you’re everyone’s reading hero …… or ours, in any case. When I see the number of books that you manage to read (not to mention the treasures you find) I turn green with envy. One day, I’ll have the time to spend more time focussing on books …. I often have time but it’s ripe with interruptions which whittle it to no time at all. Summer is always my favourite because then it seems I finally have time to concentrate properly on what I’m reading. In any case, I am striving to be more like you in this aspect! 🙂

      4. I agree..Go Jane…not only do we really ADMIRE you Reading pace, but Cleo is so right when she says you helped us discover some awesome authors!!!

  2. Woo! What a whirlwind month you have planned! I get two weeks of vacation too and I am so looking forward to it! I’m nearly 2/3s of the way through Emma and I am quite pleased by how much I am enjoying it this time around. I will be curious to hear what you make of Jamaica Inn. Happy reading!

    1. I am sooooooo looking forward to the vacation Stefanie… its books and food and more books and more food. i finished Emma and I can completely understand your irritation with Mr. Knightly…but almost all the men in the book leave much to be desired. I had read Jamaica Inn couple of years ago…but am holding my opinion until I finish this re-read!

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