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The much awaited vacation for which I went GA-GA for entire December is over!! Like all good things, this too came to an end and I go back to work tomorrow! (Sob! Sob! Noooooo) Well I sneaked in today as an extended leave and I really should not complain. I mean without a Monday hanging over the vacation, it’s not all that bad to start your work week again from a Tuesday! Anyway, my vacation was very very peaceful – I did exactly what I wanted to do – cooking, catching up with friends, going out for dinners and naturally reading and reading and some more reading! Therefore December turned out to be a brilliant reading month and flowing from that, has set high standards for January.

The reading plan for January is well electric to say the least! I am plodding through my Anthony Trollope’s The Palliser novels; his books are like a fine wine –dry, subtle and to be taken in measured doses. I am simply loving it and prolonging the reading as much as possible!! Also left over from my December reading list is Sarah Water’s “Affinity”. I just started it and I am still deciding about it! I have also gotten hold of “The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. I have heard some brilliant things about this book and I am really looking forward to reading it. Also in the reading plans are my two event reads – Goodread’s Women’s Classic Literature Enthusiasts is hosting the January read along and the book is “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen. This Austen rates kind of lower in my Austenlistoranking (Yes! I made that word up!) But it’s still Austen, so I will participate for the sheer joy of reading Austenion humor! Also as part of Reading England, I kick starting the event with “The Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro. (I had initially listed a Du Maurier as part of this event, but since Jamaica Inn, I have sworn to stay away from all her works! At least for some time to come!)

Finally in a conscious effort to read more Non Fiction and other writing, I am reading “Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms” by Gerard Russell. The book reviews the history and the current problems faced by the lesser known religions of Middle East including Mandaeans, Ezidis and the Copts. I have always been fascinated by this region and my Master’s thesis was on Middle Easters Religion based Politics. This book seemed like a good place to pick up something I left behind. As a companion reader to this or rather Heirs is the companion reader, I have finally dug up the tome written by John Norwich called “The Short History of Byzantium”  – this book is anything but short and is extremely well researched and detailed. I will need some months to finish it, but this month seemed like a good place to start the event!

That is my reading plan for January; I am sure there will be additions and deletions on this list, especially after I read reviews of some book or the other  posted by my bloggy mentors (I am directly hinting at at you two – Jane and Stefanie! 😉 ). But until then, this is the original premises!

Happy Reading!