Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs….

I know! I know! It’s been far too long that I have been away! The leaves have fallen from the trees and children have grown old and all that! (Yes! I know I am indulging in simple bombastic melodrama, including the blog title) But I have been again on a mini blogging hiatus, simply because my day job, aka. The Project Manager got really crazy and we had two back to back conferences, where everybody had a point and I had to ensure every one’s point was accommodated and yada yada!

In between all of this, I had several minor technology crises – my phone died! I mean it died. It simply refused to work again, no amount of charging and attempts to power on worked and I realized that I had to (Sob! Sob! ) buy a new phone! I am not a gadgety person – give me a cell phone and I will make it work for atleast 5 years and this one broke down after only 4 years!! I am so not impressed. Anyway so I bought a phone and there was all the hullabaloo about switching plans and moving all my contacts and getting used to a touch pad (which I hate! And yes! My phone was that old – when keypads were a REQUIREMENT). Just when I had the phone figured out, my laptop screen decided to crazy and developed streaks. Suddenly everything came through in various shaded of grey, light grey, blue and dark blue. So the screen had to be replaced! Needless to say there was not too much time left to do anything!

I was so exhausted most of the days after managing projects and technology that all I wanted was a light read – so I dug up all my old Asterix Comic books and I read them all. I know the plots are all similar and kind of repetitive, but I do love the puns and the “foreign relations”. They gave me a good break from all that was mundane and stressful.

I am also almost through with Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Remains of the Day”. I want to kick myself for having waited so long to read this. It is such a brilliant piece of work, with subtle humor and deep insights. I have to read more Ishiguro for sure! I will hopefully be able to share a more detailed review in a day or two

I am also really enjoying Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey”. I had completely forgotten how witty the book is. I also somehow cannot recollect why I thought Henry Tilney to be such a colorless character. True he is no Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth, but that’s where his worth is – in his being absolutely every day, but a good every day! I so loved his dry irreverent humor!

My progresses through my non-fictional works have been sporadic and surprising. I kind of thought that John Norwich’s tome “The Short History of Byzantium” would be heavy and difficult to get through. It is very academic but it’s also interspersed with anecdotes and humor that not only is it a historically rich book, but actually a fun read! The same cannot however be said about Gerard Russell’s “Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms”. It’s kind of all over the place that as a reader you are constantly worrying as to how all the dots are connected! I still have a couple of chapters to go, but I am not holding out much hope!

To finish this reading update, I want to just touch upon the serious genius of Terry Pratchett – my flatmate says he is not an author, but a do gooder, altruistic man. I have to agree – in one of those bizzare and extremely stressful days, I picked up his “Feet of Clay” for a re-read and within 2 hours, he had made the world a far better and humane place for me, without being didactic or pedagogic, all the while managing to tell a great story with a LOT of ROFL moments! You are a genius Sir Pratchett and the world is a better place because of writers like you!

That’s my “small” note to put you all up to speed with my “happening, fast paced, never a moment to breathe” life! I will be back soon talking more about books!!

4 thoughts on “Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs….

  1. It’s good to hear that you’re alive and well! I figured that your holidays were over and that you were too busy with work. 😦 It’s sad that we have to work when it would be so nice just to read.

    The Remains of the Day ……….. you know, I think I read that book, oddly enough. I can’t remember anything about it though, except I think there were servants in it? Does that sound right? Goodness, it was before I’d become so adept literarily (cough, cough) so I’m sure its points completely went over my head.

    Did you know that I don’t have a cell phone? It would be convenient but I hate the idea of everyone being able to reach me whenever they want and wherever I am. So I suffer the inconvenience for the appearance of being free. I’m not a technology person in any case. I’d much rather be walking in the woods or throwing a ball for my dog than pushing buttons.

    I’m about half way through Persuasion. I’m enjoying it but I hope Anne perks up in the last half of the book.

  2. hahahhahha!Yes..I am alive and kicking and unfortunately have to earn money to buy those books which I want to read! You are right about The Remains of the Day – it is a narrative from a butler’s point of view and his interactions with his Master and his housekeeper! I think should you re-read it, you will enjoy it! You are so lucky in not having a phone – my boss would kill me if I don’t answer HIS phone calls 24*7…not nice! I would rather be free, but my parents did not think ahead in future and just gave me a good education to help me earn my bread/books instead of leaving a vast fortune!! 😉 Anyway, I do like your idea of “life”…atleast I don’t own a television…half the world goes “WHAT!” when I make that confession! Anne does perk up in the end…hang in there! You may like it! (I hope!)

  3. Hope all the tech is working and you are getting used to your new phone! I love Pratchett and you remind me that is has been far too long since I have picked up a Discworld book.

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