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Defining Style – An Alternative Perspective….

Now my regular readers know that I have NEVER ever blogged about clothes/fashion etc. That’s not me and besides, when there are so many books to read, why spend time on clothes. We all know that my maxim is what the brilliant Diderius Erasmus enunciated more than 500 years ago “When I have a little… Continue reading Defining Style – An Alternative Perspective….

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The Scary Barn And Then Some….

I had a really exhausting and infinitely dorky work week and by Friday, all I wanted was comfort food and a good, gripping but easy read. Food came in form of wonderful Prawn Coconut Curry and White Rice (one of my most favorite dishes ever, cooked by an indulging and tolerant best friend cum flatmate… Continue reading The Scary Barn And Then Some….

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Reading and More…..

Alas  February commeth and winter almost goeth!!Woe is me!! My heart breaketh and tis another 10 months before the cold winds toucheth me again! Farewell! Farewell! Kind friend!! How thine shall be missed, thine knoweth not!!!! Yes! I will stop now! I think I will lose almost all my readers if I DO NOT stop… Continue reading Reading and More…..

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Discovering the Abbey

I finished reading, actually re-reading,  Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” as part of my Goodreads Women’s Classic Literature Enthusiasts January Reading Event, a couple of days back. “Northanger Abbey” has always been really low on Austen charter and was saved from my personal ignominy by the more morbid “Mansfield Park”. Naturally, it took me a while… Continue reading Discovering the Abbey