Reading and More…..

Alas  February commeth and winter almost goeth!!Woe is me!! My heart breaketh and tis another 10 months before the cold winds toucheth me again! Farewell! Farewell! Kind friend!! How thine shall be missed, thine knoweth not!!!!

Yes! I will stop now! I think I will lose almost all my readers if I DO NOT stop NOW!

Well despite the coming and goings of seasons, books persist and I have a LONG reading list for a relatively short month! Primarily there is significant spill over from January, which turned out to be a really bad reading month, especially in the latter half as my work got to me and spun me around and around. But to paraphrase Erasmus, If I have money, I buy books and then food and then clothes, but for that money, I need to work! Such is life!

Going back to me reading plan, I still have Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms” by Gerard Russell; I am simply not making any head way with the book, despite all my obsessions about Middle East and Religious politics. I will give it a try for next couple of days and if I do not hook onto it, I will give it up. I am making great progress with John Norwich’s “The Short History of Byzantium”; big and scholarly book but very much worth the investment. I have also added another book to my nonfiction reading for this month – “Mythologies” by Roland Barthes. The book is something of a legend and much recommended by all my friends from the sociology department, during my university years!

In Fiction, update, I am planning to finish reading “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. I began this book last week and so far, very good. I also on a whim picked up A.S.Byatt’s “Possessions”; I am not much of a Byatt fan, but am so far liking what I have read, which barely two chapters! Thanks to Jane I have “Enchanter’s Nightshade” by Ann Bridges,downloaded and ready for reading on my Kindle. I also have in my to read list “The Enchanted April” by Elizabeth Von Arnim (I need enhancements around me!). Finally as part of Goodread’s Women Literature Enthusiast’s I am  all set to read Nadine Gordimer’s “July’s People”. I was also planning to read something as part of my Reading England Project, but considering the old proverb about biting and chewing, I decided, I will keep this one hold for next month!

Well, that’s all for my bookish news. I will end this post with this really cool Jacob Creek’s Personality Quiz….it’s fun and highly unusual from run of the mill personality quizzes. I got Made By Heart….Ahem! Ahem! “You know the strength of your moral compassion is a defining feature and you’ll almost always choose loving over fighting. You often wear it on your sleeve, you’re made by heart.” Chardonnay and Shiraz and Martin Luther King and Oprah Winfrey all rolled into one!! So what are you – Determined, Creative, Intuitive or By Heart?  Do let me know!


7 thoughts on “Reading and More…..

  1. I am, apparently, made by determination.

    Have you read Enchanted April before? If not you are in for a real treat. It’s one of those charming can’t help but feel good when you read it books.

    1. Awww Stefanie…Determination is sooo awesome! No…I have not read Enchanted April and your thumbs comes as a real solid nudge…I am so going to read that one this month!

  2. Okay, I must say something here. I originally thought you lived in England, and when you said that you loved November, I was so impressed. I thought, here is someone I can learn from. She looks past all the depressing grey sleety skies and the thundering rain and damp and can see beauty and be happy in the worst month (although that’s debatable) of the year. SHE is someone I want to look up to, someone to be like ……….. Since I’ve learned that you live in India, well, what a rude awakening. Of course, you like November, because any other month is HOT! Of course you like winter because …… well, because if you live in India, that is just common sense! So sadly, I’m not impressed with you anymore ……. Ha ha! Actually I am impressed, just for other reasons …… 😉

    Well, back to books …… oh wait …… I haven’t got there yet …… Have you read my review of July’s People? Well, don’t, or at least not until after you’ve read the book. I’d like your uninfluenced opinion of it. And I say no more. I still have to read Enchanted April! I’ve seen the movie, which I loved, but I never got around to the book. And ah yes, you, my little guinea pig …… let me know about The Light We Cannot See and I will then decide whether to read it or not.

    Okay, well obviously I feel very chatty today. But I’ll end now, or you’ll have to count this comment as another book. 😉

    1. Hahahahahaaa! I am actually ROFLing right at this moment! Oh! What a fall from grace! Ahem! Ahem! In my defense, while most of the year is very hot, the winters though brief are intensely cold! Like REALLY cold….we have the Himalayas which is kind of the one of the coldest places in earth and the northern winds are horrific! Also i live in Delhi…which has a semi-England weather in winters! There is very little sun and mostly its cold, damp and FOGGY! Like the stupid fog descends in November and stays till March! But despite this discomfort, I agree that it is so MUCH better than the sweltering heat!

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