A Solemn Moment….

I could have written a fun post, but I thought this was more important. Saturday morning India Time 9:00 AM, a series of earthquake shook our part of the world. The tremors continued for 2 hours sporadically and with yet another set hitting us on Sunday morning. The epicenter of the earthquake was Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, a beautiful little state bordering India and impacting both Nepal and the eastern India, the part of world where my family belongs from. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8 on Richter scale and has also triggered of several avalanches across Himalayan range, including Mount Everest.

According to BBC, 3326 people are now reported as dead and more than 6500 people injured, with several thousand still missing. While I am ok and so is my immediate family, I have several friends and acquaintance, who have been impacted by this earthquake.  A couple, newly married friends who were trekking on the Himalayas are missing. Several family members of my friends have been grievously injured and some already dead. The beautiful city of Katmandu, one of my favorite cities in the world has been destroyed – its precious historically rich architecture has been levelled and can never be put back again. 4 UNESCO Heritage sites have been completely destroyed! The country is now running short of food and water and continued heavy rains has led to fears of diarrhea and cholera among those who have lost their homes and are now forced to live in camps.

One of the poorest of the third world nations, with a GDP of $67 billion, (Wikipedia) Nepal has been in continuous political ferment since the death of its King and Queen in 2001, leading to massive political unrest and finally became a republic in 2008. However it continued with problems of poverty, health and other developmental needs. But despite all these trouble, the land and her people have always been warm, accepting, hospitable and joyous. My visits to Nepal have always been such wonderful and heart rending experiences, as the poorest of the poor are happy to share whatever little they have, if it makes your life better. All through college and graduate school days, I had a bunch of friends from Nepal – fun, crazy and generous and through these years of staying apart, they have kept in touch across time and geography and stood by me in most difficult times!


This is a time for prayers and help for this lovely country and its wonderful people, who need our assistance badly. If you can, spare a moment for this wonderful land and its amazing people. They need all our help in any way or form.  If you wish to help through any kind of material support, please visit this link published by US Today, which will give you several option to support in cash or kind.


I would end by remembering all those lost their lives in this unmitigated disaster!

6 thoughts on “A Solemn Moment….

  1. Well, your post not only made me sick to my stomach, but it taught me a lesson and I feel sufficiently chastized at the moment. I have two children whom I sponsor in India (and another one I sponsored for years but is now out of the program) and while I’ve written to them and received updates for years, I never took the time to find out exactly where they lived. 😦 So after I read your e-mail, I rushed to look up their cities/villages. My two present ones live in Chennai and Bijapur so they should be okay, but I knew that my first sponsor child lived near Bangladesh and I’ve found that she lives in Kolkata. Is that far enough away from the quake that she wouldn’t be affected???

    I feel so terrible for all the people affected by it. 😦 I give monthly through a number of organizations so I’m sure they’ll be asking for donations and I’ll be sure to give. But most importantly, I’ll keep you all in my prayers!

    1. Cleo…Kolkata is where my family belongs from and I can therefore confidently say that while the quake did some very serious damages to the buildings, there are so far no deaths reported from that city. So fingers crossed, all should be good! It is very very generous of you to sponsor two kids and I know how much it matters to these little ones to make it school…so thank you again for your kindness! Prayers are very important right now and perhaps a the key, for miracle is the need of the hour. Thank you for remembering us all.

      1. Phew! That’s a relief. I sponsored Minara for years and she wrote such wonderful letters. I hope her family is fine. It’s so interesting to know that your family is from there too.

        You’re so welcome. I sponsor about 7 kids, but my others are in Central and South America. I’ve been sponsoring children since I was 16 years old — I’ve had to tighten up finances lately but I’d never drop my kids. I perhaps give them money but they give something more valuable in their letters to me and being able to watch them grow and have an opportunity in life. I’m always really sad when they leave the projects or get too old for sponsorship.

        Yikes! I was so concerned about them, I didn’t even mention the tragedy of the destruction of buildings and heritage. All so very sad ……. 😦

      2. It is indeed a wonderful experience and of course very sobering …I sponsor two little girls education as well and it’s kind of sobering to think that I was born in the same country as these two little girls and yet I was so blessed to get a good solid education, that has enabled me to do so much. While I have my own country sisters who are victims of poverty, illiteracy and flowing from that all kinds of exploitation. Concern of people is very good, the buildings are a tragedy, but human lives over brick and mortar anyday!

  2. Such a terrible tragedy. When I heard the news my heart went out to everyone in Nepal. It was reported here that Nepal’s economy had been improving but that this disaster has likely set the country back years. I hope they are able to marshal enough support from around the world to help them get back up on their feet.

    1. It is such a tragedy and on so many counts…human lives and rich heritage, all gone in a split of a second. This has put back Nepal’s economic development back by years…I know the Indian, Pakistani and Chinese government has already kicked into action… and so has many relief agencies including Red Cross and many private volunteers/contributes….but it is a long ask for this small country. I too hope that they are able to overcome this sever setback as soon as they possibly can!

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