Let It Go……

I am seeing too many friends drop off and take a hiatus from blogging because it is getting a bit too much. I know exactly how stressful this is becoming…half the time I am worrying that I have yet not blogged about a book and started on Y book and I disliked Z book so much, that I don’t want to blog about it, but should! We all seem to be laying increasing emphasis on whether we will like a book or not; if we do like it, what would we write in our blogs; if we don’t like it, will it, will we find the right words to explain our angst about the book….this project, that reading event…STOP!!

I remember when I started this blog, it was only a place to put drown some thoughts and help improve my writing. Writing about books  was easy because, I was constantly reading so many of them; but increasingly this became a bookish blog, which was never the main the intended idea to begin with! Its only lately that I have once again began to blog of things besides books….I don’t think it was a conscious decision, but somewhere I believe my mind was also exhausted of book reviews. I was tired of critiquing all kinds of books ….the good, the bad and the ugly and worrying over whether I was making enough progress on my projects, especially when other aspects of life took over, like job!

Time to end this madness….I will still write about books, but only if I really like em or don’t like em or because I feel like. Considering my love for books, this blog will continue to have bookish tendencies, but I will try and blog a little more about other things in life. I am not abandoning any of my projects, simply because I still see a lot of value in them – had it not been for some of these projects and reading events, I would have never read some great works and those would have a been a sad miss. What I refuse to do is stress over these reading projects and deadlines…no one is going to kill me if I read a book later than the stated date or chose not to complete one if I don’t like it!

Books and writing are two of my keenest pleasures…they are not my hobbies, they are me…manifestation of what I truly am and what I truly like. To turn them into six headed projects with gnatt charts and timelines is plain dumb. Its time to go back and read because that’s what I believe defines my essence and write because that’s what I believe I am born to do!! Hang around….this blog just took a very interesting turn (at least I hope you will find it interesting!)

I leave you with…naturally : have a great weekend! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Let It Go……

  1. Well, for what it’s worth, my thinking at the moment is that we should all be reading what we want to read and writing about what we want to write about, without worrying too much about what the books of the moment are or keeping up with what others are doing.

    I’m still not 100% sure of how I’m going to move forward, but I am preparing a new home on the net and I hope to see you there when I open the doors.

    1. I so agree Jane and until you spelled it out, I did not realize how much time I was spending stressing on projects and blogs…We should read what we want and not worry too much about the addendum….I hope to see you soon and once again discuss books and much more in your new virtual home!

  2. Such a good post, ruined by the song at the end 😉 I’m a writer myself, and I’d love it if you took the time to check out my small blog. Atm its mainly short stories and a bit of poetry, but I’m working on a novel (Prologue is on my blog). Feel free to check it out, keep blogging and have a good day 🙂

  3. I had no idea that you felt pressured to write about the books you’ve read. Well, while I support you letting it go, I feel a little sad because I’d always really enjoyed your reviews. Why? Because I felt like you always put alot of yourself into them, so they weren’t always just reviews per se, but reviews AND Cirtnecce. I felt they were rather unique. But of course, if the blog is driving you nuts, it is probably wise to change it up or take a little break.

    I’ve never viewed my blog as a joy. While I enjoy the finished reviews and I love the connection to other bloggers, the actual writing of reviews can range from torture to an easy jotting down of words. I guess I kind of look at it as a job, and while it’s a job centered around something I love, it’s like any favourite job ……. most of the time you love it but sometimes there are definitely seasons where it’s a chore and I just have to keep plugging along until I get out of the slump. And there are certainly books I read and don’t review because either I have nothing to say, or I’m confused after I finish them. 😉

    I don’t think my little hiatus has made me return with a new perspective and refreshed. There have been too many other stresses so, while I was gone for awhile, it wasn’t a relaxing absence. However, I hope that you find the time to refresh yourself and meanwhile share some other unique things with us!

    Take care!

    ~ Cleo ~

    1. Hey Cleo! To begin with, welcome back! I know its been stressful for you, but hang in there….This too shall pass! Thank You so much for the kind words…I am for sure not going to give up blogging about books, because, they are a part of me….they define what I am. However I do plan to stop worrying about it…I refuse to blog about books I don’t care about or am confused about. I refuse to stress out about what I will write on my blog when I am reading a book…I will just write about books which I really like or have a moral responsibility of warning other readers off. Furthermore, while reading is my life line and god knows I will be lost without it, there are lots of other things in life which are quite unique/fun/ridiculous and lately I have been missing out on sharing them…that I plan to remediate asap! Thats the only change! Otherwise i remain a book nut, keep all my bookish projects and I am 100% confident will join you in some read along or the other, even though I will be hysterical about all the books ALREADY on my plate!

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