The Big Fat Indian Wedding Contd.

And I am back with more photographs as promised in my last post. These photographs capture the last phase of the big fat Indian wedding that saw a mix of North, South and East Indian rituals, besides enough chaos and cacophony to last one’s life time. I have said this often, that in India it is never about two people getting married, but rather two families becoming one, to cause more stress, more confusion and somehow surprisingly considering the confusion, a whole lot of fun! Once again the photographs are all copyright of Durga Natrajan, my second cousin and my first partner in crime!

Part -3 :: Grihapravasham – This happens the day after the wedding. The bride comes to her new home for the first and is welcomed by all the senior women of the groom’s house especially the mother. Once the bride crosses the “threshold” so to speak, the family and close friends come around to give her gifts and bless her in the traditional Hindu style.

IMG_3004 IMG_3017 IMG_3018 IMG_3024 IMG_3040 IMG_3044 IMG_3060 IMG_3122 IMG_3118

Part -4 :: Reception – The final gala night of celebrations! Food, Drinks, Dinner and may be dance….you get the drift! The last night of non-stop partying before we all settle down to our boring regular lives, until someone else decides to walk down the alter!

IMG_3173 IMG_3191 IMG_3194 IMG_3197  IMG_3228IMG_3211IMG_3233  IMG_3238 IMG_3247 IMG_3248

Thats all for tonight folks! Next blog will definitely be bookish!


6 thoughts on “The Big Fat Indian Wedding Contd.

  1. Good grief! I guess it’s because you live in India but your posts often are late showing up on my blog feed and then they get buried. I almost missed yet another post.

    Such fun to see how weddings are celebrated in other countries. The thought of marrying a family is so different to our more independent (and isolated) idea of marrying a particular man or woman. Thanks for sharing the pics and the information!

    1. hahhhhaaa….I like the thought of “snail email”…. glad you like the photos…all credit to Durga! While the concept of families is fun and definitely brings in a sense of community and belonging, do not for a moment underestimate the chaos! No wonder divorce rates in this country are relatively lower….who would want to undergo this torture and madness again????!!! 😉

  2. Wow! I’m going to a family wedding this coming Saturday and I am so glad it is only a one-day affair! All those traditions are really wonderful though and I hope the happy couple has a long and wonderful life together. Thanks for sharing all the photos!

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