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Books Maketh Life Better….

February cometh, it means winter soon endeth and that makes me sadeth! Apologies for the really bad prose, but as all my regular readers know, the potential demise of winter season take a toll on me. There was great mismanagement at the time I was born by the powers above and instead of being born… Continue reading Books Maketh Life Better….

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Dystopia from the Past

As part of my 12 Month Classics Challenge, I  began the year by reading A Classic I have always wanted to read and therefore settled on 1984 by George Orwell. I absolutely loved his Animal Farm and was intrigued by what his take on 1984 would be based on his imagination and understanding of when… Continue reading Dystopia from the Past

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The Summer Home On Isle of Skye

I have been wary of Virginia Woolf for some time. I read Orlando at a very young age and did not like it one bit and since then have been very anxious about any Woolf related works. Though how I could possibly be attempting to read classics, especially Classics written by Women (Women’s Classics Literature… Continue reading The Summer Home On Isle of Skye

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More Classics…

I mentioned this is in my first post of the year, that with temptations and much hand wringing I have given in and decided to participate in yet another Reading Challenge (I seem always to forget that I have a highly stressful day job and reading is not the  primary vocation of my life…Sigh! If… Continue reading More Classics…

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Traveling in Time

The Classic Club announced its Classic Club is doing Spin#11 and I came up with The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Wells has been on my TBR for sometime and I was really happy to finally get the right inspiration to read his work.  I got hold of the book and was surprised to see that it… Continue reading Traveling in Time

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The Family from Devonshire

Jane has a history and a very successful history at that, of introducing me to authors, I would never know off or read about, had she not encouraged or posted about their works. She alone has the credit and therewith my gratitude for introducing me to the wonderful works of Margaret Kennedy, Martine Bailey and … Continue reading The Family from Devonshire