Its a New Day…

Well, December is gone and January is here and before we know another December will be here…I am trying to cheer myself that If January is here, can December be far?! I am I understand being absolutely and devotedly optimistic, but like Ms. Rossetti wrote,

Your sorrow’s are half in fun
Begun and done
And turned to joy while twenty seconds run

Hence, in the words of another immortal poet, (William Blake)

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

Only instead of bow of burning gold, and arrow of desire, I go with Books, Blogs and clouds that unfold to imagination, knowledge and fun!

Ok…without more theatrics or further ado, this is what my January readingscape looks like – as part of several Reading Challenges, I have the following reads mapped for Jan 2016

Women Classic Literature Reading EventTo The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. Ali is also hosting an event for the same and I hope to finally crack the code for Ms. Woolf

Reading England –  Event hosted by O at Behold The Stars, this book is a fall over from last month and therefore last year, but I have already started on Lady Anne by Anthony Trollope and it seems like a good thing to finish it as the first book for this event in 2016!

Lecito List – This page really needs an upgrade and this year I will get to it; however for now as part of the read, I will read The Secret History by Donna Tartt

I have also decided to kill myself and add another reading challenge to my kitty and this time its, The 12 Month Classics Challenge, hosted by Lois over at You, me and a Cup of Tea. I will add a page about this Challenge soon, but in the meanwhile, for January, when the theme is A classic you’ve always wanted to read, I go with George Orwell’s 1984. I was actually holding out for To The Light House, but that kind of trickles into other events, hence the honor goes to 1984!

Besides the Challenges, I also have the Classic Club Spin#11 read, which is thin and easy and I really just need to get down and finish it book – The Time Machine by HG Wells!

Finally I have agreed to a ReadAlong with Cleo, O and Jean on Ovid’s Metamorphoses which goes on for like 10 weeks, each book, each week! Finally Jane from Beyond Eden Rock is doing  a Margery Sharpe event which I am participating in but have not decided on the book, since no printed editions are available in this geography and NOTHING on Kindle….but I will find something and that will be another addition as well!

Considering all these serious literary reads, I NEED some fun but rich reads, hence already bought and started variety includes, Mr. Penumbra’s 24Hours Bookstore by Robin Sloan, The Lake House by Kate Morton and because Jane did such a terrific job convincing me on the genius of Michelle Lovric, I also got The Book of Human Skin!

That is ALL!

I think I will now quietly go to the hole I have dug for myself and start reading so that I can dig myself out of it by end of the month!

15 thoughts on “Its a New Day…

  1. Oh busy busy. If I had a copy of Virginia’s book I would make some noise on the Womens Lit. Group after being quiet for so long, I have never read any of Woolf’s book. I also have Secret History on one of my challenges, I hope to get to it in due time. Happy January reading :).

    1. Thank You…I have always been apprehensive about Woolf, so I am intrigued and worried simultaneously …I have had The Secret History in my TBR for like FOREVER! High time I got started! All the best with your Jan readings!

  2. As I think you know, I loved To The Lighthouse. We’ll see what you make of it. 😉

    Fun challenges! And I loved the poetry to start off your post. I haven’t sorted my challenges yet because I just returned from Never Never Land and I am so behind with my posts and my commenting and my challenge choices, HOWEVER ….. I was able to get tons of reading done so I’m just thrilled about that. In any case, I hope to get my challenges up in a few days.

    Oh, I see some books listed in this post where I go, “hmmm, uh, yeh……” but I won’t say anything at the moment. You might just discover a modern gem that I’ll like. Stranger things have happened, like having a fire-breathing dragon stop by for tea, but you never know! 😉

    1. Cleo…you are back!! How was Never Never Land….did you get some pics you could share? I am already interested in knowing the selections that you merit as “hmmm, uh, yeh……” 🙂 Did the Fire Breathing Dragon drink tea only or had some sandwiches/pastries???!!

    1. I know what you mean…just got started! Thank You for starting this Readalong…with you three, I really do not know when I would have gotten around to reading it!

    1. Gosh! Jane! That is a compliment of the highest order considering I love what you read and how much you read! thank you! Sometime its great not to plan….but this year, I want to be little more disciplined in my life and it makes sense that my reading looks that way as well….lets see where I land up with it! For all you know, two months down the line, I would have thrown it all up in the wind. 😉

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