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Some Goblins, Some Songs & A Birthday

For somebody enormously fond of literature and passionate about readings, my adventures in Poetry are next to none. Despite majoring in English Literature for my undergraduate degree, I could not develop a liking for this form of writing. I always felt that it takes a very developed and highly sensitized brain to truly appreciate poetry… Continue reading Some Goblins, Some Songs & A Birthday

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The Republic, The Province & The Family

I am not overly fond of French Literature. In fact I am not fond of French literature at all. I had a lot of problems completing Flaubert and I am still kind of ambiguous about Hugo. But if I could make the mistake of trying Daphne Du Maurier so many times, I had to be… Continue reading The Republic, The Province & The Family

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I got all my sisters with me……

  This is a bit of delayed post for March reading plans, but I really wanted to figure out what the Classic Club Spin#12 would bring, before I chart my course! To begin with, I am really proud of myself as to how well I have adhered to the reading plans of January and February… Continue reading I got all my sisters with me……

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Spining in 2016

I was planning to blog about March reading plans and get myself a pat on the back for adhering so well to the Jan and Feb reading plans; however as I opened wordpress, I saw a notification from The Classic Club, a notification that I just could not ignore! It was naturally for a Spin… Continue reading Spining in 2016

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The Pickwick Papers Read-Along

Many moons ago, some of the greatest Victorian authors, like the worthy Mr. Charles Dickens, Mr. Wilkie Collins, Mrs. Margaret Oliphant and Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell, wrote some of their best works not in a single bound novel, but as serialized installments in various magazines. Imagine reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell in piecemeal fashion;… Continue reading The Pickwick Papers Read-Along