The Pickwick Papers Read-Along

Many moons ago, some of the greatest Victorian authors, like the worthy Mr. Charles Dickens, Mr. Wilkie Collins, Mrs. Margaret Oliphant and Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell, wrote some of their best works not in a single bound novel, but as serialized installments in various magazines. Imagine reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell in piecemeal fashion; I am not sure I would have the patience, but her original readers in 1854-55 did. They waited patiently and like Cleo mentions, probably allowed themselves to think over what they have already read, adding another layer to their reading- of course, the thinking could have added a good or a bad flavor, depending on perspective, but it added a flavor nevertheless. It is very unique form of reading, practically unknown in this day of instant gratification unless you look at the Game of Thrones variety as serialized storytelling and really, that seems to be stretching the concept very far!!

I have always been intrigued by this form of literary exploration and when O at Behold the Stars came up with the idea of reading The Pickwick Paper by Charles Dickens as it was originally published in a serial form, to celebrate 180 years of it publication anniversary, I was sold! I read the novel long back and did not enjoy it much, but as O’s friend suggested, it was meant to be read in a piecemeal fashion, to fully enjoy it. Made perfect sense to give it a try this way!


This is probably one of the longest read along ever, its definitely the longest read along I have ever participated in, with a schedule starting from March 2016 and ending in November 2017 and goes like this-

I – March 2016 (chapters 1–2)
II – April 2016 (chapters 3–5)
III – May 2016 (chapters 6–8)
IV – June 2016 (chapters 9-11)
V – July 2016 (chapters 12–14)
VI – August 2016 (chapters 15–17)
VII – September 2016 (chapters 18–20)
VIII – October 2016 (chapters 21–23)
IX – November 2016 (chapters 24–26)
– December 2016 (chapters 27–29)
XI – January 2017 (chapters 30–32)
XII – February 2017 (chapters 33–34)
XIII – March 2017 (chapters 35–37)
XIV – April 2017 (chapters 38–40)
XV – June 2017 (chapters 41–43)
XVI – July 2017 (chapters 44–46)
XVII – August 2017 (chapters 47-49)
XVIII – September 2017 (chapters 50–52)
XIX – October 2017 (chapters 53–55)
XX – November 2017 (chapters 56–57)

I am super exited to participate in this event and will blog over the chapters read every month. A big shout out to O for starting the idea and then getting it organized!

Stay Tuned!




21 thoughts on “The Pickwick Papers Read-Along

  1. Hey, reading buddy! Here we go again! How have you been doing with balancing work life and reading life? I’m not doing too badly, but I am distracted and disrupted by so many things, some lovely and some not so much. In any case, this should be a nice easy read and I’m looking forward to it!

    1. More work than reading lately as there was senior management visit! But it is over and now I can again focus on BOOKS! I am really really looking forward to this read!

  2. What a fun idea and a great way to celebrate the book! I’m not sure I could limit myself to the allotted couple of chapters a month, since we have the whole book I’d be tempted to read ahead 🙂 Looking forward to hearing all about your reading journey with this one

    1. Thanks SStefanie…but no credit for the idea. Like I said, a blogger friend’s, friend suggested it. You know even I struggle with the temptation of finishing a whole book in one go, but I must confess that I am intrigued to try this out and see how it goes. Will share as I go along! 🙂

  3. This looks fun. My Dickens resume is not yet full; I’ve never read this one. I’ve got enough challenges going already…plus my regular quest, but this is slow enough that it shouldn’t impact the others much. I’m in. I’ll let O know too…but I read it here first.

    1. Awesome and Welcome! Glad to have propagated O’s idea and recruited a convert! 😉 But seriously, I agree with you…this is a slow read! We can take our time, there is no rush and like I said I am very kicked to read this Book in the manner it was originally published! We shall have fun!!!

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