About Summers and Reading

I am seeing many posts around the internet, celebrating Summer! Reading and Summer seems a most conducive combination; reminds of my summer vacation from schools, with 2 and a half month of bliss, reading and eating! Unfortunately, as  a Project Leader, I do not get summer vacations and more importantly, the concept of an idyllic summer with bright, cheerful days and quite balmy nights is dispelled in my part of the word and instead replaced by unceasing, pounding heat,  that makes one feel like one is being slowly baked in one’s skin in the very middle of a vast furnace, with the earth and the sun belching out fire! Temperatures have hit 51ºC or 123º F and there is no respite in sight….monsoons when they come, if they come, will be hailed as Godsend by most, especially the farmers of this country, struggling with heat and drought!

Realities are harsh and books as usual provide a consolation from all that is mundane and distressing! Therefore without further ado, lets plunge into June Bookish Plans! As most are aware, for May, I had dispelled all reading plans because I had tremendous catching up to do; thankfully, I am almost caught up with all, but there are still some items that need to be finished, but hopefully should finish soon! I venture towards June again finally with a reading plan!

My Read Alongs continue on track as planned – I am hoping to finish the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien Read Along with Cleo as I had planned in June. I should also make some progress in the ever challenging The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser which I am reading with O, Cleo, Jean, Ruth and some other readers; I am going really slow with this one as it takes up quite a bit of time to truly understand and absorb the various levels of intellectual gymnastics that Mr. Spenser had laid out for his readers! The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens read along is also in the plans and its an effort to really read it in piecemeal fashion, considering I am enjoying it tremendously! I have added another to my overspilleth list with Hamlette’s Jane Eyre Read Along. I have increasingly developed a great love for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and the cold of England is very bracing psychologically, sitting in the stewing pot! Among the reading challenges, where I am really truly behind is my 12 Month Classics Reading Challenge – I am still to finish Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis for May and I have for June themed A British classic,  Dombay and Son’s by Charles Dickens. I am also somewhat struggling to catch up on my Reading England project, and for this  I am reading The Darling Buds of May by  by H. E. Bates covering Kent. Finally for my Women’s Classic Literature Event, I am reading a modern and albeit a relatively lesser known classic  by Katherine Ann Porter  – Ship of Fools. In a stand alone event, I am also reading The Ladies of Lyndon by Margaret Kennedy as part of Margaret Kennedy Day hosted by Jane, who had two years ago introduced me to brilliance of Margaret Kennedy’s works!

That is all I have planned for June; like I said I have had to play catch up and am still struggling to complete everything that is outstanding. This is also the first time I am giving the Classic Club spin a miss – I have yet to finish Death comes to Archbishop by Willa Cather which was my last Spin Read and also my Women’s Literature Reading Event for April and it is only fair that I venture into another Spin only after I had finished the previous one!

That’s the plan then! Wishing you all a fabulous and less heat generating summer and a scintillating brilliant reading time!


17 thoughts on “About Summers and Reading

  1. So where do you live where it gets that hot? I’m in CA and we can get up to 112 or so, and we’ve already had several triple digits. It get so hot that you feel like you are moving in molasses. I almost wish the day were switched, and we could work and be awake during the hours of darkness and then sleep during the heat of the day.

    BTW, I’ve dropped out of FQ after Book One. I’m behind in everything, too. I’d love to join the Jane Eyre read, but that’s not going to happen this year. However, I do plan to read Death Comes for the Archbishop before the end of this year.

    1. Hey Ruth….I live in India, nothern India and it is a horrid summer that blazes over these planes every year! But 112 seems familiar and I completely understand the feeling of moving in molasses…in fact that hit the nail. Nights are equally hot, though there is no angry Apollo shining down at us, but there is a hot wind, specific to this region called loo which kind of saps all strength and life! But still I have to agree night would be better. I do not blame you for dropping out of FQ…it is very very time consuming! And takes time away from everything else! Let me know when you read Cather…I will join you then….I usually need motivation to finish a book I stopped mid way! Hope the summers get a bit better soon for both us!

  2. 51! How are you able to do anything at that temperature? It’s going to be around 32C and humid enough to feel like 38 for my bike race this weekend and I am grumpy and worried about that. I think I can’t complain! Do you amuse yourselves by doing things like frying eggs on the sidewalk when it gets that hot? In winter when it gets super cold we amuse ourselves by throwing a pot of boiling water in the air and watching it turn to snow or by seeing how long it takes certain things to freeze. Stay cool!

    1. 32??? That makes me envious Stefanie…..Well things have to be done, so we do it and I think I am blessed with all the modern amenities of air conditioning and refrigeration; but the poor in the country are the ones who really are suffering! Its quite worrisome! For fun, we put tea leaves in a kettle with tap water…no need to boil 😉 Its already sizzling! 🙂

      1. Unfortunately not many and those that are there are just sheds really without conditioning…..just way to many problems with this country to tackle. One day, we will have better living conditions , but till that day, there is much to struggle for!

  3. I cannot believe that it gets that hot there! Has it always been that way, or is it increasingly getting hotter like many other areas in the world?

    Argh! That Faerie Queene! I’m on a mini-vacation so I’m going to try to get some more of it read. Wish me luck —- I’ll need it.

    I finished LOTR but I didn’t read the Appendices, like I’d planned. I have too many other things on-the-go.

    When are we reading A Doll’s House? Was that July? My brain is completely strained from thinking too much and information is beginning to drop out. I can’t wait for August until things start to slow down a little.

    In any case, once again, I loved to hear about your plans. You’re crazy, you know but that’s okay. I like you that way! 😉

    1. Believe it…I am living here lol! The North Indian plains have always historically been hot, brutally hot. But over the last 100 years, the fun things that we have done with our environment has really exacerbated matters. Like 51 is a rare occurrence even 10 years back…but now its BAU. I am also taking a break from TFQ….not planned but again too many things going on! I should finish LOTR this month but even I doubt if I will have the time for Appendices. Doll’s House is July and is not a lengthy read thankfully! I love crazy 🙂 What is point being sane and proper always….life’s too short for that! 🙂

  4. My sympathies, from one who grew up in West Texas. It feels like a punishment to go outside in that sort of weather. (Once I had a pewter necklace that got hot enough to soften up and break!) Anyway, I’m quite impressed at your ambitious reading plans & I’m especially looking forward to seeing what you think of LOTR.

    1. Thank You! 🙂 I had the same thing happen with a pair of clay earrings…they did not melt, but cracked up and dropped on the ground! Will post about LOTR soon!

      1. Sorry to hear that the pre monsoon heat is so appalling and marvel how you can get so much reading planned and done.

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