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The Sisters from the Photoshop

Jane has always always been such a great source of lesser known hidden gems, that I can always rely on her to lead me to books which I would have missed, but in missing them, it would have been a crying shame! She has introduced me to Margaret Kennedy, Hélène Gestern and Margery Sharp and so… Continue reading The Sisters from the Photoshop

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Celebrating Freedom – The Home and The World Read Along

In the year of 1916, exactly 100 years ago, 3 years since he became the first Non-European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, Rabindranath Tagore, one of the most prolific artistic geniuses to come from India, published his extremely controversial and then much contested “The Home and The World“. It was a book that… Continue reading Celebrating Freedom – The Home and The World Read Along

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July and Reading….

I realize this post should go up on the 1st of the month, instead of the 10th but, I thought my last post was more important to share and since then, well life getting busieth! But it is what it is and lets just get down to the reading plans of July – To begin… Continue reading July and Reading….

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An Act

I was planning to share my July reading plans but decided to share this instead… It was a wonderful balmy monsoon laden evening in this city of South Asia; the capital city of this delta ridden region, the most prosperous city of this debt ridden country. It was Friday and Faraaz looked into his mother’s room… Continue reading An Act