July and Reading….

I realize this post should go up on the 1st of the month, instead of the 10th but, I thought my last post was more important to share and since then, well life getting busieth! But it is what it is and lets just get down to the reading plans of July –

To begin with of course, I have the Women’s Classic Literature Reading Event and I am reading this hidden gem called “The Romance of a Shop” by Amy Levy. I owe Jane as usual an immense obligation in finding and sharing these lost books to the world! I am still struggling to complete my May and June books for the 12 Months Classic Challenge, but I am hoping to finish “Dombey and Sons” (My June Read) this week and then start Henrik Ibsen’s “The Dolls House” for July; the theme of the month being A European classic (non-British). For my Reading England Project which I have been overlooking for some time, I am reading “Cakes and Ale” by Somerset Maugham, covering the county of Kent. Finally I continue my “Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Read Along with Cleo and Hamlette who is hosting the event. I also follow the monthly “Pickwick Paper by Charles Dickens Read Along hosted by O.

I realize this reading list looks kind of tame compared to my past lists; however, I seem to be straying again from the well trodden documented path and picking up books on the fly. I am breaking bad so to speak in my reading explorations, so to speak! Therefore it makes perfect sense for me to stick to basics, atleast for now and then pick up books as I like and what I chose , while balancing the progress of my this year’s reading goals!

Finally as I close this post, I wanted to share that I will be hosting my first ever read along in August. Cleo, my partner in all reading adventures has promised to join and I am hoping some of you will also join both of us as we read Rabindranath Tagore’s masterpiece “Home and the World“. One of the most intriguing and bold pieces of literature to come out of India in 19th century, it remains a resounding classic about human fallacies and courage. I will be sharing details of the reading plan as well some historical context for the novel, so that we may enjoy it to the best in the upcoming weeks! I hope many of you will join us as we explore one of the best works of Eastern literature!

6 thoughts on “July and Reading….

  1. You have quite a lot on your plate! Depending on where I am with my reading in August, I may join in the readalong! I have not read Tagore before and it looks like it is fairly short.

    1. Hey Stefanie….I will be soooooo honored not to mention crazily excited if you join. It is a short novel, more of a novella and I promise to provide enough navigation tools to wade through the cultural mores and socio-political background! Having you join the read along will be like double icing on the cake! 😀

  2. Some really interesting books you are reading. I think that Dombey and Son is one of Dicken’s most underrated novels. Amy Levy sounds like one of those forgotten novelists well worth revisiting. I recently picked up Penguin India’s edition of Tagore’s short stories and I hope to read these soon.

    1. I completely agree on Dombey and Sons. Under the shadows of Great Expectations and David Copperfield and Bleak House, this book is kind of lost! But its one of best of Dickens I have read! Amy Levy is wonderful and its a shame that she did not survive to write more! I hope you enjoy Tagore. Please feel free to leverage some of history and cultural studies that i will publish to get a sense of the time that Tagore wrote in and about!

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