Come September….

Yay!! September arriveth and summer goeth! If that is not a reason for me to celebrate I do not know what is! The fact that Summer recedes from this month on is enough to add vigor and excitement to my life! However besides this fact, there are several reasons to rejoice the onset of fall.

To begin with, ahem! ahem! Moi, the 102 Kgs (224lbs), plump personality completed a marathon! Not a full event, but what we have in the geography called Half Marathon event, which is more for beginners! Now for the more fitter personalities there, I know its a not a big deal, but please understand when I say that running with 102kgs on your back, as in on your body is bit of a task! Add to it the fact, that I have never run before this, let alone compete in any event. However, I was and am blessed with some awesome friends, and one of them, when couple of months ago over late dinner, I expressed my fascination with running, took it on herself to get me trained and ready. She devised all kinds of training plans, diets and kept egging me on. All of this when she was sitting 1700 kms from the city where I stay, working as the HR Director in an MNC, getting her house constructed and generally following up on all the lose tie ends of her life! If my completing the run is awesome, then the fact that Rups could get me up there and ready, especially from a confidence perspective was a miracle only she could have pulled off. I have not lost any weight and yes I practically crawled to the finish line, but I did it!!! I am so kicked. One of most amazing aspect of this marathon was that instead of being given medals, participants were given little India puppet dolls, made by the survivors of the Tsunami which hit Souther India, back in 2004. I loved it all and I hope to do more!

Ok, now for Bookish news – well, needless to say, I am falling BEHIND! August was a busy month. I played a host for a bunch of cousins; then myself went on a 12 day road trip across Himalayas and for the first time , the beauty so overwhelmed that I did not get much reading done. Then, there was the Read Along which I LOVED hosting, however research for its background, to help my fellow readers understand the socio-cultural context of the novel, took some time! As a result, I am now in September and need to play catch up like never before. To begin with, from my 12 Months Classic Literature Event, I have Dombay and Son’s by Charles Dickens to finish from July, The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford for August and The  Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis for September (September Theme – A children’s classic). For Reading England, yet another event I have neglected (I should stop saying that, considering I neglected  all my monthly reading plans!!!) I cover Berkshire with Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. This would be a re-read but I have not read this book in a loooonnnngggg time and I am in a mood for some fun books!Finally for my Women’s Classic Literature Reading Event, I will go back to a novel, I started and then just stopped – Death Comes to the Archbishop by Willa Cathar. If this was not enough, I continue with The Pickwick Paper Read Along and give Cleo company in reading The Brother Karmazov’s by Foydor Dostoyevsky and Jane Eyer by Charlotte Bronte Read Along, the latter, hosted by Hamlette. I have also bought some books and been gifted some over the last couple of days which I will atleast attempt to start this month; The Silk Road – A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan and Jerusalem, A Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore.

That’s the attempt plan for September….I know its a LOT, but I am hoping to conquer most! Happy September Reading!!!


11 thoughts on “Come September….

  1. Congratulations on your marathon feat! It almost seems a doddle compared with that reading marathon you are embarking on- I really hope you enjoy it.

  2. What a busy September for reading! I’m too terrified to even look at my list, so I will remain in denial. 😉

    Awesome, you! A marathon! I wouldn’t even attempt it, so I am very impressed. I spent my summer kayaking, and I am an affirmed kayaking-freak now. It’s so nice to be able to escape from land.

    I’m Three Men in a Boat jealous. I love that book. And how is The Brothers Karamazov coming?

    And one last question …. what is an “MNC”?

    1. Cleo….If I can get through half of what I assigned myself on the List, I will declare my reading a success! Kayaking??!!! How Cool is that!!! Thats just sooooo awesome! I love Jerome K Jerome and that is one book I am really really looking forward too! Have started Brother K…I am intrigued…not sure if I like it, but intrigued!! MNC = Multinational Corporation! 😀

  3. Wow, great job with your half marathon. That’s totally inspirational — I just started a running program recently and it’s not been super fun so far, so seeing success stories like yours is one of the things that keeps me going.

    Hoping you have a lovely September, with plenty of time for reading!

    1. Hey…Thanks a million! But I understand you very well. I was very fortunate to have a very understanding and patient friend to train me and therefore I was able to do it in the end! I think credit is due to her more than me. But please do not give up….its never easy; and trust me at 224lbs, I know how difficult it was to even go for a walk. But we have to keep going. Lets exchange notes and we can keep checking with each other…I am sure both you and I can go the distance! 😀 Happy Running!

  4. Congratulations on the half marathon! That is super duper in my book! I have friends who enjoy running and most of them only do 10k runs and only one of them has ever done a full marathon. Do you think you will go for a full one sometime?

    I hope all the September reading plans are going well!

  5. First, let me say how impressed I am with any running whatsoever let alone what you accomplished. I’m quite amazed! I stand all day teaching, but these feet of mine could never run. My son teases that I get a workout by turning pages.

    The books you read are so delightful. Loved Death Comes for The Archbishop, love C.S. Lewis Narnia series which I end up reading every year in one way or another, especially when I read to my class, and I love The Brothers Karamazov. I once read that it was Madeleine L’Engle’s favorite book, and as she is one of my favorite authors, I couldn’t pass it up. Well, I’m crazy about Russian literature anyway.

    So glad you’re embarking with me on the Captivity read-along. That will benson interesting, I think, and I’ll put together a few “guidelines” (very loose!) as suggestions. But really, we’ll basically read it and discuss it as we go in January of that’s okay.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I too am somebody who works out best by turning pages! lol! 😀 I love Willa Cather, but I must confess that while I have reads several of Lewis’s essays, I have never read a single Narnia (Hang my head in shame!) I am very very intrigued by the Brother Karmazov as I read along. I am pretty crazy about Russian Literature myself and I know this may be a cliche but LOVE Tolstoy!! I am very very excited about Captivity! Please do share some insights and guidelines and lets have some fun! 🙂

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