October and Reading

October is HERE! Yes…October is REALLY HERE!! So what if it feels like I am inside a boiler and there are no winds with a hint of chill and no delicious smell of wood fire smoke signaling the onset of Winter, but October the calendar assures me is here! As most of you know I live only between October to March, the rest of the months are just a bid to survive somehow. Fall and Winter bring out the best in the geography I live in and being a Winter borne, I take it much more in my stride than the pelting merciless heat of the summer! Everything about this season is joyous….more festivals, more holidays, more travels and naturally the hope of new year and new beginning! But I am as always getting ahead of myself and I must stop and add, that this is an especially good season to get a big book, a comfortable blanket and a big cup of coffee/tea/Irish coffee and indulge in my most favorite work time  – Reading (Reading cannot be a past time; I was born to read but am forced to work!)

My October Reading plans do not look very good, especially since I have HUGE left overs from September! But like I said, this is the season of more holidays, so heaven have mercy and I should be able to get through more, this month for sure! ( One’s gotta be Optimistic!) I was immensely proud of myself about not giving into the temptation and not going for Classic Club Spin #14. Just as I finished patting my back, I stumbled on Lauren’s blog and discovered the Victober and I was in before I knew the whats and hows. So while Classic Club would have been only 1 book added on to my tottering pile, I have now added 4. I have a IQ score that is tagged under the category of Superior, but when I do things like this, I feel somebody messed up the scoring for sure!! Anyhow I am in with 4 books written during the Victorian age for sure. I just need to quickly figure out what those books are and get going. Besides this additional load, I have the 12 Months Classical Challenge Reading Event and the theme is  A Classic by a Female Author and I go with O Pioneer by Willa Cather. Because I know that reading a female author for the Victober is also a criterion, I will combine it with the Women’s Classical Reading Event and read a novel; just need to figure out what that novel is! Under my woefully neglected Reading England project I am planning to read Under The Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy covering Dorset. I read Hardy years back and I did not get him at all. Hopefully as a more mature individual I will find something to appreciate, but I am not holding out on that hope very strongly!!I also have to finish Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome as part of my September Reading England Project. (Yes! I am hanging my head in shame!)

Finally come my read alongs and they remain completely unchanged and thank fully I have added only one book, which is a matter of some rejoice! I will continue reading   The Pickwick Paper Read Along and chase to catch up with Cleo  in reading The Brother Karmazov’s by Foydor Dostoyevsky and Jane Eyer by Charlotte Bronte Read Along, the latter, hosted by Hamlette. I  also  am reading The Silk Road – A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan and Jerusalem, A Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore from last month, but these two I am taking slowly and I think these two books will stretch to December! The only addition to this never ending pile is How to Think About the Great Ideas: From the Great Books of Western Civilization by Mortimer J Adler and again I have been tempted by Cleo to join this as well! To be very fair, I did not need much temptation!!!Thankfully, this too is a book that will stretch for week on ends and each chapter is small and adds to my never ending efforts to read and better understand the nuances of philosophy and concepts like Truth, morality etc!

Thats that then! So here’s to happy reading and some wonderful autumnal moments in October!!




15 thoughts on “October and Reading

  1. We seem to have the same problem – designed to read but required to work. I wish you many happy, autumnal reading hours.

    I am so tempted by Viktober but I have arrears of books to write about and so many others piled up to read ….

      1. I hope you have enjoyable autumn reading months – you certainly have enough books on the go! I wonder how you get on with Hardy. I suspect he might be a novelist a lot of people never “get”. I quite like him and would recommend The Mayor of Casterbridge as perhaps the novel that shows him at his best. I love its last sentence: And in being forced to class herself among the fortunate she did not cease to wonder at the persistence of the unforeseen, when the one to whom such unbroken tranquillity had been accorded in the adult stage was she whose youth had seemed to teach that happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain.

    1. oh! Jane ..tell me about it!! I am struggling to play catch up with most of my readings. Maybe you can join me for one or two books for Victober! Happy Autumnal Reading to you too!!!

  2. You sound a little like me. In fact, I neglected much of my summer reading expectations. I had to give up several challenges.

    Nonetheless, I’m going to visit several of those links you have included, just out of curiosity (though I know I won’t join them). Adler’s book looks interesting, too. I’ll check it out.

    BTW, I thought Hardy was “different” when I began to read Return of the Native, but it was a lasting impression by the time I finished. Then I read Far From the Madding Crowd, and I figured him out! Now, I’m not saying that will happen for you, too, but I’m just sharing how it was for me w/ Hardy. Today I look forward to more Hardy. So I guess it is a matter of getting into his style and understanding him. He wanted to be a poet, and it kind of shows in his writing.

    Anyway, I’m off to check out that book! : )

    1. Ruth, you know what they say…misery love company and I am so glad to have yours! And I completely understand your instinct to visit the new books all while the current pile is…well piled up!! Adler seems very interesting in the little that I have read….post on that soon! Yeah I read Hardy …Far from the Madding Crowd and The Mayor of Casterbridge…cannot say I was thrilled but I am hoping now that I am older and wiser I would appreciate him more! Hope you like Adler…lets chat on that soon!

  3. Goodness gracious! You are going to need quite a few holidays with a list like that! But I completely understand. I love Three Men in a Boat! I love Willa Cather! Enjoy all the books!

    1. Yes Stefanie…fortunately I have some starting Friday and trust me I will need every single hour of that! I LOVE both Jerome K Jerome and Willa Cather. The former is a re-read and I am really looking forward to a new Willa Cather reading experience!

  4. You need to live at home from October to March and then travel for the rest of the year! See ….. don’t I come up with the best, but not so practical, ideas?!! 😉

    Ooo, I see my name pop up alot. That means that I must have lots of books to read. Yipes. I’m actually feeling pretty good for finishing The Well At The World’s End and am more than halfway through The Brothers Karamazov. So I’m ready to tackle some more!

    Happy October to you!

    1. Of course you see your name popping up…I ma reading half the world with you!!! Yes…I sooooo wish I could just read and travel. It is a practical plan if someone bequeaths me a million dollars!! If wishes were horses and all that!!!!

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