This and That….

Its been an absolutely couple of miserable weeks. Work was killing because of the stupendous dumbness on part of so called “partners” which led to chaos and damage control that needed non planned and additional work to be done by team for more than 20 hrs a day for practically 2 weeks. Just when I began to recover from what can be termed as inevitable stupidity of the mankind, God or whatever Superpower gave me yet another sign, that Einstein was correct when he said “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Policies and government across geographies and nations, are going out of their ways to prove the above! The one who is sacrificed at the alter is the common man and I am not even talking about the US elections, though that is something I DO NOT understand either!

I have been and continue to be  completely frustrated and exhausted by circumstances beyond my control which in turn has ensured that my reading naturally has takes a nose dive. Where is the time??!! I am in the middle of The Brother Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky and you can imagine the state of mind, when I say that I find solace in reading this epic. I am almost done with One Hundred Years of Solicitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I am holding on for now in my review of the book. The only thing  seems to suit my mood is The Book of Snobs by WM Thackeray; his biting sarcasm soothes my ruffled feathers and helps me realize that stupidity of majority is a phenomena that transcends ages and something I should be more zen about! I am also struggling to complete Dombey and Sons by Charles Dickens and I cannot seem to make any headway into Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy. I seem to be in middle of everything and near completion of nothing!!

As this post is doing everything, but spreading good cheer, I stop and break off to share some fun memes/posts with you all that has made me laugh and kept me going past couple of days –




See ya all next week, hopefully in a better place!



20 thoughts on “This and That….

      1. I hope better days come soon. On top of everything else that chant of “USA,USA” is enough to drain the optimism out of everybody! I haven’t read it but The Book Of Snobs sounds a wonderful antidote. Loved the choice of cartoons!

      2. Thanks Ian!1 I think you will like Book of Snobs! It’s quintessential Thackeray. Cartoonists are the special gift of mankind! They make things so much more easier!

  1. You are busy! And in the middle of lots of big books. Times like that I enjoy tossing in a comic for something short and zippy and colorful to help relax my brain a bit. Love those cartoons! Be kind to yourself and don’t forget to breathe!

  2. being a retiree, i read your job description with mixed – whatever… one, glad that i don’t have to do that anymore and two,how sad it is that anybody else has to… what a nutso world this is; reading your posts makes it a bit easier to take… tx!

    1. I am so desperately trying to retire before I am 4O which is another 7 years! My dad thinks it’s the height of ambition! LOL! I do love my job, i really do and I am blessed to have it! Having said that, nothing is ever a perfect blessings and my partners ensure I never forget it! 😉 Glad the post made things a bit better!! That sentence alone made my mad day so much more wonderful ! Thank You!! 😀

  3. Good luck with the work place crazies – there’s some famous about keeping your head while all those around lose theirs that might be applicable 😊

    Thank goodness we have books (& funny memes) to fall back on!

    1. the version i like is: if you can keep your head while everyone around is panicking, it means you don’t know what’s going on…” lol

  4. From your many paragraphs of thought, the part that jumped out at me was that you are reading The Brothers Karamazov. Not all can be wrong with the world if you are immersed in that most excellent book. Dostoevsky will light the darkness in your path, and banish stupidity at least for awhile.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know that things were so crazy for you! I’ve been really unsettled since the beginning of September and am still. There hasn’t been much good news in the last few months, which is really weird. I also haven’t had the reading time I’d like but I have a wonderful puppy which makes everything okay! 🙂 I hope everything settles for you and that you find a contented balance soon!

    1. Cleo ..I know….its like a series of down in the dump months! But the holiday season is here and I hope things will look up! And the puppy is ADORABLE…nothing cheers one up like a dog!! I hope things settle down for both of us….until then Dostoevsky is actually giving me solace!

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