The Most Glorious Month

Yay! December is here….the season to rejoice! Off with the old, and on with the new month! The Holiday and Happy Cheer month! The month to read, write, party and rejoice! The Birthday Month! The Month that justifies and makes up for of the other 11 months! Ah! Glorious December, how I miss thee, through the year!

Unfortunately my precious December started off this year on several wrong notes! Stupid partners at work continued to crowd on my time and more importantly on patience! I am striving hard through some personal stuff and i began kick started the month, by spectacularly falling ill! However, this is December so it cannot be all bad, just by virtue of it being December!

So what grand plans, you ask? Well, I know you did not, but I continue to enlighten you anyway – This being the season of joy, I have several house parties planned, namely three, all starting this Friday, the next Friday and the Friday the 23rd. I have friends visiting, so there will exploring Delhi in the lovely winter sun and many grand lunches. I am off the to the mountains again in the last week of December, for a Father Daughter trip. And finally and most naturally, there will READING! Loads and loads of books planned and unplanned which I plan to read, nice and cosy, under a pile of blankets, with tea and snacks! Bliss! The reading plan just got an impetus as I got an advanced birthday present in form of a Paperwhite Kindle (Yes! I hang my head in shame and say that I have gone over to the Dark Side!) which my flatmate cum soul sister cum Santa Claus gifted me, after my tab kind of committed hara-kiri after three years of ruthless use!

Enough excitement to fortify me for the trudge for the next 11 months! For now, I have to rush since I missed on the first few precious days of the month, but I will keep  you all posted; so please do hang around for the party!!


13 thoughts on “The Most Glorious Month

  1. I hope you have a great time in December. You do make the Indian December seem such a delicious, if fleeting, time. I wonder what great books you will read on your travels?

    1. Thank You Ian! December is indeed wonderful in my part of the world. Its so much better than the cold non sunny foggy /rain drenched Jan and Feb and then suddenly before I can blink Spring is around and the never ending Summer! I am still debating on the books to carry for the travel; there will some Victorian Ghost Stories and a travelogue called Hindu Kush, but have not decided on the complete list as yet! Will of course keep you posted!

  2. You do make the Indian winter seem lovely compared to our hard, freezing temperatures now, where you have to be careful that you don’t go flying on your butt while walking! 😀 I must say that I’m already looking towards the spring.

    I’m finishing off a couple of big reads now so I can say that I feel read for 2017 …. or almost …

    Here’s to a better month and a lead up to a much, much better year in 2017!!

    1. So for a min, I was stumped! I was not sure if Cleo Ross is “my Cleo” since you usually post via your Blogger id! But I finally figured out that it is indeed my Cleo! Indian Winters in the plains is lovely which is why I so desperately wish it would last longer! Our Spring is one day, and then the ceaseless Summer, so give some winter any day! here’s to some grand holiday cheer and and prayers for a better and brighter 2017!

  3. i categorically dislike ereaders, but they hold so many books!!! so i invested a 100$ in a Jetbook Mini (it really does fit into your pocket) and have been busily downloading(greedily) free books from Gutenberg; it doesn’t do anything else, but that’s all i want books from anyway… good luck with your Paperwhite – i can’t say i haven’t given that one some thought…

    1. Thank You! I agree and I hear you! I do not like EReaders; but the thing is, some books which I really wish to read are of obscure variety so either they are not available in my geography or are like bank breaking expensive. The EReader helps me that way because its cheaper, and has those lesser known volumes! I try and justify that atleast thanks to it I am reading something I would ordinarily miss! Sigh!

    1. So I will go up to like 9000 ft from Sea Level and it is cold; very cold! But the Himalayan mountains are also beautiful in winters; the lovely sunshine glittering on top of the snow capped blue mountains are a sight! So I really do enjoy it! I will post some pictures to convince you! 😀

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