A Very Special Date

Raahrarraaahhhh!!! Tara Dum! Tara Dee!!! Roll the drums and bring on the fanfare, for today, ahem! ahem! we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Mockingbirds, Looking Glasses and Prejudices!!! (Virtual confetti being showered!!!) Yay!!Its the big 5 blogaversary!

It’s been 5 years since I started this blog after being rather disgusted over a over-hyped thing I saw at the mall on Valentine’s Day. As most know, 5 years down the line, my thoughts have not changed much as was evident from my last post. Oh! Well…everything changes and nothing does. But not really!

Over the last 5 years I have gained so much that I could scarcely believe was possible when I started out that February morning of 2012! I have written more blogs not only for myself but also for many other sites. I have felt myself improve as a writer and in the process become a more evolved individual. I have a read more books and ventured into literary spheres which I would have scarcely ventured into had it not been for all of you opening up the erudite vistas for me. I have read such a variety of non fiction, classics and poetry than I would have thought possible in February 2012, forcing me out of my comfort zone and making me look at the world at large in whole different perspective! I have read Metamorphosis by Ovid and Bewoulf because of Cleo. I have read science fiction because of Stefanie and found innumerable lost authors, thanks to Jane who has a knack for finding these authors. There are sooooo many others who have made me read so many different things! You all have helped me not only read more but also do things that I would have not thought possible from participating in marathons to cooking yumilious carrot ginger soup!! You have made me grow in all possible ways! Most importantly, I have made some awesome friends – friends I have not met, but who have stood by me through thick and thin, through deaths and dumpings and cheered me on when I was promoted or took one an adventurous road trip. Through 1000 miles of geography and cultures that separate us, they came together as a bunch of kindred souls while helping me navigate through the choppy waters of life! Finally my readers, thank you for sticking around and reading my blah-blah. I am sure you do not always like what I write and may often be bored, but thank you for sticking around and reading anyways!

Since I was/am feeling all sentimental anyway, I thought I will complete the trip to the very end and feel nostalgic as well. Therefore I went back and read some of my older posts and thought I will share some of them with you, especially the ones which most seemed to have enjoyed and were also kind of personal blogging milestones –

  1. Satire be my song….List of 10 best satires from all time – February 19th 2012 – One of my very fast posts, about things which I liked the best – books!
  2. Love and Mutiny in the Time of British Raj – July 1 2012 – I begin to get into the groove of book reviews.
  3. The Year Through Posts -December 7th 2014 – Inspired by Jane, this seemed a perfect way to wrap the year!
  4. Defining Style – An Alternative Perspective – February 17 2015 – Where I venture out of bookish blogs and start posting for other sites!
  5. Celebrating Freedom – The Home and The World Read Along – July 19th 2016 – I host my very first Read Along!

It’s been such wonderful 5 years of learning, fun and cherished memories! Thank you for being part of this wandering with me and for enriching my life with your ideas, enthusiasm and thoughts!!







13 thoughts on “A Very Special Date

  1. Happy blogaversary, cirtnecce! I hope I can look back in such a way in 5 year’s time, and reflect on the ways I have grown through blogging. I’m looking forward to taking a peak at some of those earlier posts you’ve highlighted.

    1. Thank you so much Sandra! Time does fly and I am sure it will be soon, you would be looking back and saying 5 years??!! But it has been awesome experience and the very fact of writing and talking to others is a wonderful evolution in oneself!

  2. Happy bloggerversary 🎈✨🍾🎉
    As one who joined in the home and the world readalong let me just say bravo & well done and hooray for bloggers like you!

    1. Thank you!! Thank You!! These words are especially encouraging because I sooooooooo admire you and have learnt so much about books and writings from you over the years!!

    1. hahahhaaa….I feel like the kid sister being taken for a treat by the big sister. I think the analogy holds…if I have a blogging mentor, then it’s undisputed you!!

  3. Ha ha! When I saw the title of the post I thought you were going to say that you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day and I almost fell over in a dead faint. Then I thought, “it must be a rant.” But no! It’s your blogaversary! Congratulations! 5 years is a long commitment. Now we know what a committed individual you are! 😉 I’ve sooooo enjoyed reading your reviews and chattings over the past years and wish you another wonderful 5 years of blogging, and pray for wonderful things to come your way in life. You’ve become not only a fellow-blogger but a good friend! Hugs to you! 🙂

    1. Congratulations on your excellent five years of blogging and your wonderful enthusiasm and energy in writing about what you love to read!

    2. Hah!! Cleo…rest assured if it was anything even remotely romantic in nature, you would have had an update much sooner! Thank you for your wishes and yes I like to believe I am a committed individual as well 😉 It is sooooo wonderful I found a friend like you through this…I am eternally grateful for that!!

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