And Now for April….

While my friends in the Northern Hemisphere rejoice the Spring, here’s the sweltering unrelenting heat of the Indian Summers are beginning to be felt. It is already miserably hot and I shudder to think of the next couple of months that lay ahead of us! And while the future does seem bleak – I mean it’s summer; what can one expect? And work (I know I have been cribbing a lot lately about it) is getting even more horrific by the minute, I will take solace, that are plenty of books to keep me company and one day, there will be no summer and long vacation, at the end of this trial!

Reading Plans as we all know have been a bit haywire lately, thanks to all the long work hours. I have receded to light reads and mostly Sir Terry Pratchet’s work to make some retain some hold on my sanity  (Yes! My alternative sanity is much more interesting than most people’s reality!) I did manage to procure a couple of reads over the last couple of days and I hope to get some reading time in-between to really do some justice to these books. To begin with I have the extremely intriguing, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet, by David Mitchel. The story is set in end of 18th century Japan and that is enough to get me hooked! I then have a Restoration period who-done-it, An Incident of the Fingerpost by Ian Pears. I also  yet another historical thriller in The Alienist by Caleb Carr. If reading historical fiction was not enough, I also have started reading Land of Two Rivers – History of Bengal by Nitish Sengupta. Dr. Sengupta narrates an interesting history of Eastern India, the land I ethnically belonged to and naturally I am curious to say the least. I also think I am reading Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol, if I can push myself to push Cleo. Again thanks to Cleo, I came across Amanda at Simpler Pastimes Classic Children’s Literature Event, and will be reading, rather re-reading Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. Finally I am making slow but steady progress with Herdotus’s The Histories with Cleo and Ruth, both of whom have finished the book, while I am plodding through Book 3 only!. I am also having oodles of fun reading the monthly installments of The Pickwick Paper by Charles Dickens. Finally I hope to complete, The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper that I started in March.

And while that’s is the plan for now, but there there is Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon coming up this month, April 28th to be exact and since I had a blast, the last time around, no way in the world I am giving this one up. I just have to sort out chores and work and other such inconsequential details before that so that for 24 hours I can read in peace!

So here’s to some interesting reads, this April!


9 thoughts on “And Now for April….

  1. I’m glad to have your along for Alice! I’ve found Cleo to be a “terrible” influence in the past, always tempting me to try more books. At least Dewey’s Readathon is always a good way to get some solid reading hours in. Good luck and Happy Reading!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I think it’s awesome of you to host an event like this. I have not read Alice in like YEARS! Yes…Cleo is, well Cleo. She will casually come around and tell you about some terribly interesting thing that she is reading, and what choice do we mere mortals have against that, but to follow?:D Thanks to her, I have read some wonderful works, which just adds to the temptation. I love Dewey the last time I did it and yes, I hope to get some hours in this time as well. Thank You again for hosting such a great event and Happy Reading to you as well! 😀

      1. Hey, you guys! “Terrible” is a strong word that can perhaps be exchanged for “wonderful”, or “inspiring”, or “amazingly talented”! 😉 I’m glad that I’ve “forced” you both to become more educated and well-rounded. Ha ha! The children’s lit event is great, and as for the read-a-thon, I will do my best, but it’s just before taxes are due and I can see myself having to push through. I always seem to miss these read-a-thons. Maybe I should create my own …..??

      2. Ye, yes…our apologies Oh! Wonderfully Wise One! All hail to thee’s amazing talent! Just so you know Cleo, I have fallen off the bed, laughing! But the fact does remain, that you have helped me read stuff I would have never picked up and I am eternally grateful for that!!Children Lit is such an awesome idea! Yes, please create a readathon…Dewey’s happen twice a year; me thinks we could one in-between April/October!

  2. Happy April! sorry you are into full blown summer already. ugh. I really enjoyed the Ian Pears book when I read it a number of years ago. It’s a chunkster though! I have that Mitchell book and really want to read it. Actually I want to read all of his books. Now if I only had more time…

    1. Yes Summer is here!! Total UGH!! I saw your recommendation on GoodReads for Ian Pears and that kind made up my mind to get hold of it 😉 David Mitchell is great Stefanie. I am almost done with A Thousand Autumns and it was brilliant!! I will definitely be exploring more of his work! Yes…if only we could spend our lives, just reading!!

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