Here Comes May….

The much dreaded Indian Summers are here and much as I would want to hide away and never really come out of igloo styled hibernation, there are bills to be paid and work to be done! So May, do thy worst, I shall live for October!!

First thing about May was changing the theme of my blog; I was tired of looking at Classical libraries and dark paintings, which while look very cosy and comfortable in Winters, they make me feel hot and stifled in summers. Inspired by O and Cleo, I decided to finally get around to changing the theme, archiving old posts and setting things up in simpler, whiter, and less cluttered theme! I know that the banner painting is still on darker tones, but it’s one and its got color so it stays! The white background, trust me does wonders as the sun beats down on everything, outside!

I will drink lots of water, nimboo pani which is an Indian version of lemonade only more sweet and spicy, stick to cold soups and dream of cooler weathers that October will bring! In between, hopefully around end May, I plan to go running back in the welcoming and cool arms of the Great Himalayan range; now that a close friend has opened a cafe in the Dhauladhar Range, Himalayas are actually a second home, which I plan to utilize the most, especially as the plains burn in the sun, as we head towards June and July!

Anyway, so much about themes and weather, the point is what reading is happeneth this month? While I know you all must be bored of listening to me go on and on about this one book, but I shall finish one day and until then, it stays put in my reading plans; naturally I am talking about The Histories by Herodotus. As the entire, universe must be aware by now, I was reading this with Cleo and Ruth as part of The Well Educated Mind Reading Challenge. Speaking of Cleo, I am also reading Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol, with her. And again with Cleo and O, I continue the serialized reading of The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, as part of O’s brilliant and innovative Reading Event.  I am also reading The Patriot by Sana Karsikov with Brona and this is one book, I am seriously excited about!

The change in the blog theme, also brings forward a resolution about something that has one been on my mind for a while! Like in many other things, here too, I am inspired by Stefanie ………so what is this big resolution you ask? The resolution is (DEEP BREATHE)  –  I will not buy any new books until I finish the ones next to my bed side table and those on my writing desk. This means I diligently stick to finishing The Instance of the Finger Post by Ian Pears, The Last of the Mohincans by James Fenimore Copper and finish the three Terry Pratchets, The Fifth Elephant and Snuff. I also have several unread volumes lying dormant in my Kindle and its high time I finished what I bought! That is the resolution as of now…of course everyone knows of my will power and how I cannot be tempted and I always stick to my goals, especially bookish goals! Yes, you can stop laughing now! Ok…I will try, that is all I am committing to now! And I am allowed to borrow from the library! Ok…that seems reasonable, now to actual READING!


7 thoughts on “Here Comes May….

  1. Lovely new look! Sorry to hear it is so hot there already. I have to laugh though that you are partly inspired by me since I failed so miserable to read the books on my table for two years now! I haven’t been buying new books though, just borrowing like crazy from the library. Sigh.

    1. Stefanie..I hear you…have not bought anything as yet for a month now! But you should see the number of Libraries I have become member off and started borrowing from there! Sigh!

      1. Good luck with the heat and hope you have a refreshing time in the Himalayas! Giving up buying books….what about buying again in cooler October?

      2. Thank You Ian!! For all you know my resolution shall crumble as I head to Himalayas. There is the divine bookshop in the town I am visiting, right on the edge of one of the range with all kinds of lesser known volumes!! So easy for me to be tempted….I honestly do not think I shall survive till October!

  2. Groan, I am so behind in everything, even commenting on your post!

    Oh my, come visit me. We have rain enough to make you totally sick of it. I’m off this weekend to an area which should be arid and dry and is having the worst flooding in 200 years. Just weird weather!!

    I need to get caught up on The Pickwick Papers and I’m still waiting for my better translation of Dead Souls to come in the mail. However, I am starting to enjoy Thucydides, which is good news.

    I love your resolution but I’m not sure if I could do it. You know …. new shiny, glittery things …. 😉

    I hope your May is just wonderful!! 🙂

    1. DO NOT….I MEAN DO NOT TEMPT ME!! SEESH!! I do not like rain much either, I just like winter ….nice cold dry winter! I hope the flooding stops though….water can play a lot more havoc than one quite imagines! And I have a sneaky suspicion we can thank Climate Change for all this weird weather!

      I too have to play catch up with Pickwick, but its a fun read so it should be easy. Dead souls is at a halt at about 100 pages because….I REALLY WANT TO finish Histories….on Book 7 now!! So focus….though I must own, I saw O reading The Vicar of Bullhampton and I have since been tempted and this is one page turner of a Anthony Trollope!

      Happy Spring/Summer reading/blogging/scorekeeping adventure to you!!

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