The Augustinian Plans….

I think this recent hiatus from the world of bloggers has been my longest. Unfortunately work and more work and now an added certification for which I signed up is taking up 37 hours of the 24 hours!  My reading is down to a crawl and to say I am neglecting housework is the a mere understated understatement. Oh! the joys of adulthood! Actually I take that back…I would rather be an adult anyday, than go back to being a school kid! I hear folks talk about their childhood with so much nostalgia, but me,I am glad not to do homework, not worry about being a wallflower, not go through the angst of adolescent and generally like being responsible for myself, without a zillion number of adults telling me how to do things better. The latter still happens, but atleast now I have the power to ignore without subterfuge; as a young kid I had to do a LOT of planning to get my own way which was yet another exhausting factor about being young!!!

That was a lot of procrastination from the main subject of reading plans, but considering how bad the last month turned out to be for reading, I am kind of wary about any elaborate reading plans. Besides I have a road trip planned in the middle of August traveling across the Western Coast of India and I am sure while I will really want to read between those spells of long drives, I am also sure, my friends and cousins will chatter enough to make sure I cannot concentrate on the book and instead join their mayhem! So seriously, keeping it simple for a while.

To begin with I am putting The Well Educated Mind Reading Challenge – Reading The Histories on hold till November. I am as is wayyyyyyyy behind Cleo and Ruth and rest of the group and this certification is a lot of heavy reading on Strategy and Finances and all other non fun stuff and since my company is paying for it, I NEED TO CERTIFY! Therefore all heavy reading is for this course which thankfully will be over by November! Hence, I have decided that Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War and The City of God by Saint Augustine will have to wait for now! I am not sure if I am happy or sad about this fact! Fortunately, Mr. Dickens continue to provide much needed relief for all the stress and I am happy to progress through yet another set of adventures in the company of Mr. Pickwick and friends, as part of  The Pickwick Paper Read AlongI still have left over reading from July which includes Yasmin Khan’s The Raj at War – A People’s History of India’s Second World War . which is mind blowingly brilliant and Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy for which I am still holding my breath. I hope to also finish Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol, again a Read along with Cleo, this month, a novel that I am enjoying immensely! I also have New York by Edward Rutherford to finish. Besides these, I am sure I will pick up more and get into an even more tighter spot on finding time to manage life. But it is what it is and as long as we are having fun, that’s what counts! I mean what’s the point of being an adult otherwise!!!!!


7 thoughts on “The Augustinian Plans….

  1. I think that many of us are having a weird kind of reading and blogging year. I’ve made heaps of plans and watched most of them sail on by..:-)

    The only one I’ve managed to stay on top of – just – is my very leisurely LOTR readalong.

    Your road trip sounds great – I look forward to seeing some pics later on! Do you use instagram for things like that?

    1. Hey Brona!! Your comment made me feel so much better….you know misery loves company! lol! But seriously, this year is very wired. But as long as we get to read some, I think its all good! Absolutely I use Instagram especially road tripping. I will inbox you my insta handle.

  2. I’m still plodding along with Dead Souls but suddenly enjoying it more, as I was kind of bored until nearly half way through. Perhaps I’m not in the mood.

    Well, keep plodding along with those histories! I’m a little mired in Plato at the moment but I’m sure I’ll become unstuck soon ….. I am enjoying The Republic.

    For some reason, I’m not looking forward to August. Once again, too busy and lots of changes coming up. I don’t like change. But one can’t avoid it so the only thing to do is press forward.

    Have a great vacation!

    1. Dead Souls is good; I know its slows a bit now and again but its good! The Republic is what I am really looking forward to in the next set of histories! Change is never easy or comfortable, but at the cost of sounding trite, it is the only thing that is constant! Hang in there!!

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