And Now for November…..

Ah!! November, glorious November, how I look out for thee, every year! It is in thine hope that I passeth months, that be March to September!! Finally, cold weather, holidays and celebration; what I ask is not like about winter coming? Atleast, winter in my part of the world!

Anyhow, how do I plan to celebrate this month, you ask? Oh! there are so many  possibilities that this month opens up in this city – walks along the 600 year old ruins, explore the less traveled hikes, visit the historic eating joints whose gastronomic delights can only be cherished in the colder weather!! There is so much to do and I will be doing NONE of it!!! Oh! Ye! Gods! Why have thee forsaken me??!! Work and yet more work and yet more work that never seems to go away – are there any other Project Leaders/Program Managers, working for big Wall Street Goliath’s, who can confirm that my misery is not alone??? It would make me feel better immensely, you know, the misery loves company perspective?? Such is life, I with all my exuberance for these seasons have no option to enjoy it and then there are people whom I know; who have all the means in the world and take no pleasure in the season or nature or for anything that is intangible! In fact they seem to take no pleasure in anything at all except in being miserable, both to themselves and others!

Anyway, like I keep saying again and again, Thank God, there are books for the likes of us to make everything so much better! This month though, I have limited reading time, so I have a very short list of books as part of my November Reading plan. To being with, I wrap up the 18+ month long, brilliantly innovative The Pickwick Paper Read Along hosted by O. An amazing event, hosted by an amazing host, which I loathe to see come to an end! But things are the way they are and I am sure O will figure out something fun and unique for us to have fun with, in the near future! I had planned to begin a much anticipated Re-read of The Brother Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I read it for the first time last year with Cleo but I kind of rushed through it to get to the end. Since then, I have been wanting to go back and savor its finer points and I had decided long back that a year since I first read the book, I will revisit this marvel again! I was also under the impression that work would slow down during these weeks. Towards the end of the year, giving me ample time to get through what is for sure a big fat book! However, I propose and my company disposes, and though there will be less time, I will still begin and see how I muddle along, even it take me the whole of 2018 to savor and finish the book! I also have Winter of the World by Ken Follet, the second in his The century Trilogy; I have it so I will read it, but so far it’s very ho-hum! Finally Brona, at her awesome best, is hosting the #AusReadingMonth event. I have enjoyed it every time I participated in this event in past, and this year I will for sure take part again, if only I can decide how many and which book. I should have a post dedicated to that event very soon! Finally by way of fun reading I have Wild Strawberries by Angela Thirkell and The Semi Attached couple by Emily Eden. I got great reviews of the former, especially from Jane and I really enjoyed The Semi Detached House by Emily Eden, so I do want to explore her second and what is her last novel!

There it is then, my grand reading plans! Just to add, besides the excruciating work load, I also have some parties to attend for adults and babies (my nephew as well my God Daughter turn 1) and some other social activities which I have to accommodate, besides completing a Leadership certification course for which I had signed up for in the middle of year! Needless to say, this will be one hectic month!!


12 thoughts on “And Now for November…..

  1. In the UK November can be a rather bleak month (though its a lovely crisp day just now). I can certainly see how attractive a month it will be for you. Good luck with all the reading. I agree that the Follett book is rather bleh. I read the first one and it was easy to read and some of the history seemed quite well done but a week after it was finished it was all forgotten.

    1. I know Ian that in Western Hemisphere it can get crazier as the Winter months come in. It starts to get very cold about 500-700km North of where I live as we approach the low foothills of the Himalayan Range. Even in my city, the temperature can and does dip down to 1 or 2 * Celsius, just short of 0. But for me personally, I would and do prefer Winters in this geography than Summers! I so agree with you …Book 1 was much more readable, though hardly something that will remain with you, but Book 2 is seriously bleh!

  2. A veritable whirlwind you have going on there! I hope work and other obligations turn out to not be so consuming that you manage to get more reading time than you anticipate!

  3. Sorry to hear things are so hectic!! Work gets busy for me this time of year, too, and being in the middle of a big project I feel some of that stress. Good luck on your leadership course, and I hope you find time to read. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marian! In principle, work should be less chaotic at this time of the year, but somehow it never is. Anyhow, I wish the very best with your project and of course, I hope we all find some good reading time!!

  4. November is glorious in Sydney – the jacarandas are in full bloom, the days are warming up and lengthening and my first rose has just opened. Love it.

    I can’t wait to see what you read for #AusReadingMonth.

    I used to be a teacher. The hours I worked every week were astounding and the stress I lived under was astounding, now that I can look back on it, with nearly 10 yrs distance, I wonder how I survived it for so long. I missed so many family events and felt like I was sick all the time.

    I don’t miss it at all.

    That was meant to help support you in your need, but it ended up being a rant about me 🙂

    Books saved me back then and continue to do so to this day. That’s the constant and the way!

    1. I have heard so much about the Summers in Australia. I have a dear friend who moved to Sydney years back and keeps sending me pictures and its glorious. One day, I shall visit your shores!! I think by now you know what I have kickstarted the AusReadingMonth with – The Secret River! Thank You for sharing your ezperience; it helps to know I am not alone and it is the nature of things. I do honestly like my work and I work with great people, but it is still work and the hours are killing me! One day I shall find something more calming in its nature as a vocation; for now this one pays the bill! Books are the lifeline, the one things that keep us sane! I cannot imagine the wreck I would have been in its absence!

  5. My goodness! You are certainly not the average North American who changes jobs every one year. I suspect it’s the “your there until you die” ….. ooops, I mean “retire” …. attitude in India?

    I sooo miss reading. I’m not normal without it. :-Z I’ve been reading little tiny bits, but if I’m tired, forget it. It’s so weird. I do feel like I’m improving so hopefully soon. I admit, I’ve been on the computer too much, which has probably made my recovery slower.

    Hope you enjoy the Brothers again! I was supposed to read Crime and Punishment before the end of the year, so we’ll see.

    So here’s to less work, no concussion symptoms and lots of reading for November! Do you agree?!

    1. Well, job stability is an important factor and I work for a great company, good leaders and a wonderful team, plus I really really do like my job and get a lot of satisfaction. Furthermore, there is this innate Hermoine Granger thing in me since school, that needs me to excel, and naturally all this leads to getting additional work (the rewards for good work is more work and all that!) so, in short, I think I will continue in this tangent, till I retire! I know you miss reading bit do not push yourself ….you need to get better so that you can read as before, so give yourself time and heal. C&P? I will await your take before I venture. My sister loved it but she said it was a dark book and it does not seem like something I want to take on for the cheerful month of December! Happy Reading to you to and hope you feel your usual self soon!

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