Tis The Month of Joy!

December, glorious December! How I love thee! You are the only month in the calendar that helps me survive, January to November! Ok, maybe not November, but for sure January to October! And finally this glorious, wondrous, joyous month is upon us, and boy! do I have plans!

Unlike each December month, when I head out to some corner to find rest and recreation, I am staying put at home this year! Too many expenses and some future investment requires me to be sane and sensible about money matters! Oh! How I hate it, but if has to be, it has to be and I plan to make most of the time, while in town!

To start with, I have several social engagements planed through the month; in fact, I cannot help but think, its one too many. After all, all my weekends are BOOKED through January first week! I am either partying at someone’s place or playing the hostess! In addition to that, I am have exploring expeditions planned around the older parts of the city. There are many ruins and monuments to hike about in this town and December is the best month to do it. Since I am staying in town this year, I plan to use my leaves in hiking around the city, re-visiting  some of the old favorites and hopefully finding some new ones! I mean there have been 7 civilizations/settlements of this city and it’s takes a lifetime to cover them all!

In terms, of reading, as has been my tradition, I suspend all challenges and the more ‘virtuous reading’ this month and read everything that I want to or that which grabs my interest and attention! In that spirit of things, I started the month with Christopher Moore’s Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal; 100 pages into the book, I realize it attempts to be ‘irreverent’ more than it is, but it is still a good, fun read and I am enjoying it immensely! I will also hopefully get to borrow an edition of Miss Buncle’s Book by DE Stevenson, which I have been waiting to read forever and am finally the next person in the Library’s wait-list! There are a couple of historical fiction – thrillers that I would like to lay my hands on this month – A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee, a whodunit based in 1920’s Calcutta, the city of my grandparents; The Alice Network by Kate Quinn, a much talked about post World War II, finding truths, kind of novel and finally, under Penguin’s First-to-Read Program, I have a copy of yet unreleased. Last Stop in Brooklyn by Lawrence H Levy, where PI Mary Handley investigates an infidelity case turned murder, in 1894 Brooklyn! I am also planning to start, Tristram Shandy by Lawrence Stern; this has been in my TBR forever and I want to get started on the same. I doubt I will finish it in December, but I do want to get started! I also carry on with my re-reading of The Brothers Karamazov by Fyedor Dostoevsky. Finally, I am also doing a virtual read along, starting in December with a dear friend cum colleague cum keeper of my sanity cum soul sister from work, EngiNerd with Origins by Dan Brown. I am not much of a Dan Brown fan, but EngiNerd loves him and says that I started off on the wrong foot with The Da Vinci Code instead of Angels and Demons and so should not judge harshly! I guess, the very fact that this one is based in Spain has its redemption so how bad can it get? Besides, the joy of reading with dear friend, as many know outweighs all other considerations.

Phew! That is my “simple” reading plan for the remaining year! I do have two weeks planned off from work, which should help me cover a lot of reading ground and the next three weeks are being spent in plans of getting most reading time, in between hectic socialization! So, I say to you all, Happy Reading and Joy to the World!

11 thoughts on “Tis The Month of Joy!

  1. I hope you have a great December, Cirtnecce. It sounds as though you’re going to be busy! I enjoyed Miss Buncle’s Book – it’s not my favourite by DE Stevenson, but it’s a lovely, fun read. The Alice Network sounds interesting too. Happy reading! 🙂

  2. Lamb is good silly fun. Tristram Shandy! I love that book! I hope you enjoy it. It is one crazy ride! Please do share photos and stories of your around town adventures!

    1. I remember your brilliant review of Tristram Shandy and since then it moved quite a few notches in my TBR and now finally, it seems like a good time to get started!Pictures and history…..for sure coming up! 😀

  3. Exploring and hiking sound just lovely. I’m almost ready to hop on a plane and join you. I’m pretty tired from these past few food-blogging months, but getting traction and seeing very positive results.

    Hey, are you interested in reading Murder in the Cathedral for December? It is so short and I would appreciate a reading buddy to kick me back into the reading habit (not literally, of course!).

    In any case, great plans! I hope you get much relaxation!

    1. Hop on the plane, NOW!! You know the rest will get taken care off!!! 😀 I do love your food website and I am sure there is much more success in store for you!! Murder in Cathedral??? Sure…you know I never say no and it seems a good read for the Winter nights!! I am on board for sure!! Happy December and I hope you have a lovely holiday month with all your loved ones!!

  4. It’s very charming to read your enthusiasm for the Month of Joy. For me, how I wish I could stay at home all of December…sit in my study, read, and maybe just maybe write a short Christmas Story that is taking shape. I feel I should know this, but what is your ancient city (if you wish to keep that private…no worries). Have a Very Merry…and Joyous Christmas.

    1. I love December; it is the month that makes up for the rest of the year! I love the picture you draw…sit, read and write! Perfection! My ancient city is Delhi, established circa 3000 BCE :D…… A very very Merry Christmas to you as well!

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