New Year, New Plans

It is a brand new day in the new year and I kick start my 2018 blogging adventures with a new approach. As many of you know, at the very beginning of every month, I write the very first post of that month, detailing what books I am planning to read for the same month. However, this year, I have decided to change my game plan a bit. Again as many of you are aware, I have been superlatively busy for the last one year, and while the forecast this year does not look so bleak or bad, I am hesitant to say anything, knowing life springs quite a few unexpected and not always pleasant surprise as we go along! As a result, frequently I have not been able to stick to my reading plans. If I complete Book 1 then I am unable to move to Book 2 because work got crazy or something else needed attention and I finally read something completely outside the map! Thus, in change of approach and piggy backing on the posts that I see Helen does, I have instead decided to do a month end review of the books I read for the month. That way, I have pretty much a free will that can operate on the choice of the books I read instead of scrambling to keep pace. Furthermore, it allows me a more comprehensive review of the kinds of books I have actually read for the month versus what I had planned and allows me to make more informed choices when I do the next set of book picking!

This idea also works well as this year, I am not doing ANY Reading Challenges, except TBR Pile Challenge to help clear off books awaiting in my Kindle as well once on my bed side table, and writing desk and on the floor and …er….pretty much all around the house! I do want to read a bit more History and Ancient Literature, including Sanskrit, Greek and Roman Literature, and I will be a bit more aware of these genres when I make my choices, but, I cannot make promises so I do nothing, but say, I will try! Furthermore, I am quite sure, as the year trundles along, I will find books that others are planning to read, especially Cleo and hop on with them! Therefore, without having the particulars, I have perimeter in which I will play this year!

So that’s that! January is here and there is much to be done and accomplished and as we get back to our busy lives, I leave you with some humor, to get through the first days of the year with some fun –



8 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans

  1. Thanks for the chuckle!
    I’m also focusing on my TBR problem this year. Any readalong or challenges that I join will only be to aid me in this quest. Hence the Les Mis yearlong readalong that I’m found 😊

    1. My pleasure! But TBR,…tell me about it! I need to, I mean REALLY NEED TO get going on these books! We are not only book lovers but book horders!! Sigh! All the best with Les Mis and other books in the TBR!

  2. funny cartoons with subliminal messages… i solved my TBR problem: i got rid of the books… (not all of them, just the ones that made me physically ill…)

    1. Subliminal message is the phrase! 😉 If I may say, getting rid of the books is a bit problematic for me because those I cannot seem to get rid off….even the ones that are most terrible! Sigh! One day, I will get rid of some and will be able to read the not so terrible ones!

  3. Very reasonable plans! Plus, with an end of the month review you are free to read whatever you want because you haven’t to stick to a list.I am all for options and whims! Love the cartoons. The minion especially made me laugh! 😀

  4. Good heavens, you are a posting machine and leaving me behind! As you’ve seen, I’m doing the TBR Pile Challenge too. Dear me, I wish my plans were so simple as buying 4 pigs! If only! Lol! I need to get my house cleared of “guests” and then back to reading and cooking! I hope you have a wonderfully peaceful and prosperous 2018 and I’m looking forward to doing some reads with you, whatever they may be! Hugs!

    1. Posting machine??!! Hahahhhaa…this from you! I can only post regularly till holidays last and from tomorrow it is goodbye lesuire, and hello work! Sigh! Oh! Well! I just hoped over to your page and yes, simple is not the word I will use at all in reference to that! Wishing you the best of everything in 2018….we shall do great things my friend!!

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