The End of May…..

5 months have already gone by and suddenly, we are in the middle of the year! 2018 is passing and I cannot say I quite regret it; but I must also own, that the Summer has brought much peace and much needed calm to what had been a hectic Winter/Spring! And while the earth is baked under the powerful sun, that blazes down with all its fury in this part of world, I was able to sit quietly at home and read through several nights, drinking glasses of “Shikanji” (Indian Lemonade) and Buttermilk, in an effort to stay cool! Thus, I present to you, a snapshot of all my readings for the month of May –

From Persuasions by Jane Austen


How quick come the reasons for approving what we like.”

From The Sign of Four by Sir Author Conan Doyle


The emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning.”

From The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick


Deeds may speak more compellingly than words,but I believe words have their place too. A man who has both is gifted indeed.”

From Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift

20180602_103757 (1)

“This was the great truth of life, that fact and fiction were always merging, interchanging.”

From The Murder of My Aunt by Richard Hull


Really, this man seems to have been considering the difficulties very intelligently. I wonder if he had an aunt?

From The Uncommon Reader by Allen Bennett


Books are not about passing the time. They’re about other lives. Other worlds. Far from wanting time to pass, Sir Kevin, one just wishes one had more of it.

From The Sisterhood by Helen Bryan


It confirmed Mother’s secret conviction that the world had enough trouble without insisting all worship God the same way. There was room before the Throne for everyone who served Him – Baptists and the Hindus, Seventh Day Adventists, Muslims and Jews as well as Catholics.”

That’s my round of May books! Another Summer month beckons and hopefully, it will bring more books and great readings for all!





6 thoughts on “The End of May…..

  1. telling quotations: that’s an excellent idea, including the quote with the picture; haven’t seen that before… it’s good things have settled down a bit… i have to say, what you’re drinking seems weird; interesting the cultural differences; over here, it’s lemonade… except in the south where they consume mint juleps while sitting on the veranda surveying the extensive cotton fields(at least in the books)…

    1. Hahhaaaaa…I am sure it seems weird! So the Indian Lemonade is made out of naturally Lemons, Water, Honey but we add Rock Salt, Cumin powder and black pepper! Yes, we spice up lemonades! LOL! Buttermilk is diluted churned curd with cumin powder and salt! About the blog, I must credit Helen from She Reads Novels and O with the idea! Helen diligently does a Common Place Book and I have really found this method of tracking my reading and reliving the memories quite wonderful!

  2. Great quotes, cirtnecce! Persuasion is probably my favourite Austen novel and I enjoyed The Greatest Knight, The Uncommon Reader and Mothering Sunday too.

    1. Thank You! I love Persuasions as well and increasingly it is becoming one of most favorite read of all times! Your recommendation of Elizabeth Chadwick led me to The Greatest Knight and I am so glad I read it! The Uncommon Reader was such fun and Mothering Sunday was truly something else!

  3. You read quite a few books in May! Did you keep track of how many glasses of shikanji and buttermilk you drank while reading? 😉 Hope you are keeping cool.

    1. Too many to keep track and with June coming in, the numbers consumed riseth! LOL! Thank You…I am hoping the Summer passeth without too much trouble!

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