The End of March….

Time is flying, sometime I feel too fast and at other times not fast enough. I assume it is dependent on the objective; when we want something badly that is meant to substantiate in future, time cannot move fast enough; on the other hand when we dread something, well, time just seems to fly, until, we are at the eventual collision course! At this point in time, I cannot decide, what I like the most, the fast moving pace or the slow crawl; either way, life is just far too busy and reading and writing, despite best of intentions is slow. But I keep the reading going, in the hope that one day, I will find the precious equilibrium between, reading, writing, socializing and of course working!

In the meanwhile, this is what I read for the month of March –

Enchanter’s Nightshade by Anne Bridges


I think beautiful mother’s are just a trifle vexed, generally, to have daughters who are not. Mama would have liked me more if I had been something of a beauty! 

Time Pieces: A Whistle-stop Tour of Ancient India by Nayanjot Lahiri


This great enthusiasm for sarcastic verse in which no one, from the divine to the human, is spared, has a lesson for India today where poking fun at anyone in the public domain, especially gods and goddesses, ruffles all kinds of feathers

The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths


I’d benefit too, I thought vaguely; a dog would keep me fit and allow me to meet other dog-walkers. Much better than a book club where there was always the danger that someone would suggest The Girl on the Train!

The Garden Party and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield

Garden Party

Isn’t life,’ she stammered, ‘isn’t life–‘ But what life was she couldn’t explain. No matter. He quite understood.
‘Isn’t it, darling?’ said Laurie

This then was my reading for March; I wonder what April shall bring? I am only sure that I am reading A Vindication of Rights of a Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft as part of a brilliant read along hosted by Ruth. For everything else, at this point, I can only say “Que Sera Sera”

8 thoughts on “The End of March….

  1. i read Time Pieces also and liked it pretty well: interesting information bits about pre BC Indian civilization… the Harrapan society seemed like it really had it all together! and i couldn’t help but envision a bunch of cowboys driving herds of cattle over the mountains to the Indus plains!
    i also got a “History of India”; the first volume is by Ms. Thapar, but the second volume is by Percival Spear! i wonder if they got them mixed up, or was it intentional…

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed Time Pieces! You are right the Harrapan Civilization was all very sorted, then the Cowboys aka Aryans come riding from the West! I think you have the right editions – the first is by Romilla Thappar and the second by Percival Spear. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Busy or not, I’m impressed by how much reading you manage to fit into a month! Me, I have to squeeze in some *very* short books to make myself feel better. 😉

    1. Marian – Thank You for bolstering my confidence! I honestly feel I am not doing much reading; and some of it does not seem substantial. But I think the key is to enjoy what we read and when we read, so short or long books are all good, as long as we have fun! 😀

  3. Okay, well good that there’s one classic in the pile! 😉 Once upon a time I read The Garden Party and Other Stories but I remember nothing about it now.

    Instead of wishing time would go faster or slower (although sometimes I do admit I wish it would go slower) I’m trying to enjoy every moment, good and bad. There’s always something to be enjoyed and if not enjoyed, then learned. Missing your wonderful posts, my friend but I understand busy. A wonderful April to you!

    1. Iagree….I read one classic…lol! The Garden party was re-read for me to and I was glad to re-read it! I agree….it is better to make every moment count! Hopefully I will write more this month….you have a great spring as well!!

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