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I am trying once again to be diligent again about my writing/blogging! In the last one and a half year, which has been tumultuous to say the least, writing in any form and through any channel has taken the last priority on the list and while I have been aware of it and made several attempts to start and restart, it’s not been a wholly successful attempt. But this time I am determined and despite no near easing in site of all the ruckus that has infiltrated my life, I will make sure that I once again go back to the pattern of posting atleast  one post a week !

For more reasons than one, this week has not been conducive to reading, so for today, there can be no literary post. It was Diwali here in this part of the world, and it was a week of deep cleaning, gift buying, cooking traditional food and visits to friends and family! However now that the Diwali dust has settled, I do plan to get down to some serious reading, even though time may be limited. I recently enrolled into a Design Thinking Specialization with IHC Paris and the course work looks murderous; however this is yet another thing that was pending for long, in my list to dos and the sooner I get to it the better. Therefore I continue with the policy of making no serious reading plans. However I did sign up to buddy read with Cleo, The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton in November and I am looking forward to it! It’s a re-read but I do love this work by Wharton; in fact I love this novel, more than her highly acclaimed Age of Innocence. Further more the event is hosted by my partner in all reading crimes, my crazy soul sister with a golden heart, Cleo and no way am I letting her do this, without me! There is also Brona who is also hosting AusReading Month and then there is Non Fiction November; if I could combine the two, that would make for another perfect read! (Brona, HELP!) I may also have a short trip planned into the Himalayas later in November, and that for sure is something I really looking forward to!

All in all, a busy month beckons as Autumn, gives way to Winter in this part of the world and I hope, this change of season, brings good things to all our lives! I leave you with some sights of Diwali, in and around my world!

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11 thoughts on “About Random Things…..

  1. Diwali looks so colourful and it sounds like you had fun.

    Your policy of no serious reading plans sounds like a tremendous idea right now…as I feel under the pump to get sorted for Nov. My last couple of years have been so hectic, I’m not sure how I’m doing anything right now – it just feels like I’m bouncing from one thing to the next, without really attending to anything properly. At least I can’t say that I’m bored!!

    I’ve found some Aussie non-fiction to help me work both events this year but it still feels like I’m over-committed. Just as well I blog and read for the fun of it 🙂

    Lovely to see your name pop up on my twitter feed today – thanks for the encouragement and support xo

    1. The things is if you are busy and enjoying the busyness, (I invented it!) its a good place to be in. And like you said, you are not bored and and you are having fun! So in the end, it adds up! 😀 I will trundle over to your post for some Non Fiction ideas! Thank You for an awesome event!!

  2. always nice to read your posts but i hope you don’t overdo… easy to do with all the things on your plate… never heard of Diwali, but it looks like fun…

    1. Thank You so much! I agree, a whole lot of my plate and I will do it at an easy pace! Diwali is like Christmas for all believers of Hinduism! It celebrates the triumph of Good over Evil and welcomes health, wealth and prosperity into our homes and hearth! It in practice translates into gifts, food and hopefully good time spent with loved ones!

  3. A belated happy Diwali!

    Oh, House of Mirth, that is a good one, Enjoy your re-read. And good luck on your coursework as well. With so much going on, don’t forget to breathe!

  4. I’m so glad to see you around again! I hope everything is getting less burdensome for you and more carefree!

    Yes, I’m so glad you’re going to be reading The House of Mirth along with us. Like you, I’ve read it before but it’s definitely a favourite. There are so many great events in November! I might try to read a non-fiction book but we’ll see …

    And Happy Diwali! 😘

    1. Thanks so much! I am super excited to re-read Mirth again! It would be great if you could join us for Non Fiction November, but you do what you can ; the point is to always have fun!

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