Peace on Earth, Goodwill to People

I know I have completely gone MIA after all those heavy words on being diligent and regular in my posts! I even bailed out on Cleo’s House of Mirth Read Along; a totally unheard of action. But life often gets in the way of our plans and despite laying them out well and meticulously, a gust of wind is all it takes to make the towers go crumbling. And that is what happened with me. While work continued to be what it is; a tight rope walk. balancing and managing people and relationships instead of focusing on the work, things in my personal life took a turn for worse! There were much drama both in my sister’s life and mine, breaking the rhythm and pushing us into turbulence, from which we barely emerged. And then what as everyone knows is my favorite month December dawned, my father had to be hospitalized, not once but twice. The emotional, physical and financial exhaustion of this last year is enough to make one pack one’s bag and head to the mountains for a life of a hermit! However , as I have been told, and I know from experience, that you cannot run away from your problems. You have to stand tall and face it and face it I shall and live to fight another day!

So here is to good will, hope and happiness for all of us from everything that worries us, bogs us down or just saddens us! To good times and good vibes in 2020!

Dear friends, this year was not real great.
There’s no need to enumerate
Just how gloomy it’s appearing.
But Ever-better days are nearing!
Though dark nightmares be distinguished,
Still the light is not extinguished
By the darkness crowding ’round it.
Find hope’s advent by the sound it
Makes somewhere out in the distance:
Bells that ring with soft insistence,
Hoofbeats, voices singing faintly,
Hymns unearthly, almost saintly,
Mailmen’s footsteps, babies’ crying,
Wings of angels quickly flying,
News worth calling from the steeple, “Peace on earth, good will to people.”

– Ian Frazier, The New Yorker

22 thoughts on “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to People

  1. probably most of your blogees were aware that ISSUES were making themselves overt… dealing with people isn’t the easiest thing in the world as i discovered before i retired… kudos to you for hanging in there and fighting the good fight! i hope your dad is recovering okay… good to hear from you and here’s to a better 2020!

  2. So sorry to hear about our dad and all the other challenges! I hope the waters have calmed, you dad is on the mend and 2020 has begun on a bright and hopeful note! Take care! *hug*

  3. You’ve been missed, Cirtnecce! I am really sorry to hear about your 2019…praying things get better for you & your family in this new year. ❤

  4. Aw, don’t worry about the read-along. I wish so much that I could help and make things better for you. You’ve had so many challenges that keep cropping up. But life seems to be full of situations that require perseverance. I will keep you in my prayers and hope 2020 brings some relief. Sending joyful thoughts your way!

    1. Thanks so much Jane!! It really makes me feel so much better to know I was in the thoughts of my friends! It’s such a wonderful, encouraging feeling! Thank You again for your good wishes! Wish you a happy, peaceful 2020!

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