Reading Plans and 2020

I know it is almost 15 days in the year for this post to go up. But I am guessing better late than never and if nothing else, these kind of posts inspire me to have some kind of a reading map to guide me through, instead of all kinds of crazies. Having said that, I must also say, that this reading plan is not really a plan, but some guidelines that I want to adhere to while making reading selections through this year. These are not exhaustive reading plans or list. I love those detailed plans I used to make at the start of the month and at end the month assess of how I fared. I also used to love participating in various reading events and read alongs; many books and genre’s that I would never read would become my absolute favorites thanks to these events. However life has been totally out of control for the last two years and if that should be the trend this year as well, then it is better to be selective and chose or not, wisely so that there is no sense of I-really-have-not-read-much-this-year at the end of the year!

Therefore moving on, here are my very basic rules for reading anything this year –

  1. Read two chunksters – I have several and there was a time when reading chunksters was BAU and did not need to be called out. However, life is throwing me spinners and I need to manage accordingly, so I am calling it out and restricting the number to two; if I end up with a miracle and read more than two, that would be even more awesome. But for now two. I started on The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. I bought this book nearly 5 years ago but never really got around to reading it, so now I am pacing myself with a couple of chapters every week and trotting along. I have no idea what the second chunkster will be.
  2. Read more classics – Again, something that would not have been called out in the past but lately I have skipped reading the more richer works, unless one counts, re-reads of Austen. I need to get back into the groove of reading Classics again and I will consciously try and read a few more, maybe 5 through this year.
  3. Read Non Fiction – Lately I have been reading significant amount of Non Fiction beyond my usual trope of Travelogues and History. And I must say, that it has been quite an enriching and significantly transforming experience. I have read and learnt and observed and it definitely challenged my mind and forced me to think in ways I do not do and overall, it has been a learning that I would want to continue on.
  4. Read Books already Bought – I think this is a common issue of all Bibliophiles. We see books, we buy books and then we go back re-read Austen or Harry Potter. I have nothing against re-reading Austen or Harry Potter; in fact most of you know, those are my go-to comfort books. However, I have over the years bought several 100 books and my house is filled to excess with unread books, I want to try and read some of those this year, I cannot commit to never buying new books; I have yet to reach that stage of Nirvana, but atleast control by spending spree, I have developed a simple rule – I will add books to my cart and keep them for 24 hrs; if post that I still am itching to buy them, then I will. I have trying this since December and the only book I have bought since then is a Strategic Management book which is part of the coursework I am doing for a certification. I hope, super hope, I can stick to this one critical resolution.
  5. Have Fun!

That is my reading plan for the year. The only read alongs I have so far signed up for is to re-read Pather Dabi by Sarat Chandra and Bleak House by Charles Dickens with Cleo, whenever she takes those two on. The other event I want to participate is The 1920’S Club hosted by Kaggsy and Simon. I love that era and inherently gravitate towards that time period and therefore being part of this event is only a natural progression!

This then is the plan for 2020! I am hoping in the last week of December this year, to be able to show case a relatively favorable report than those I have shared or not over the last few years! But that will be when, it will be! Until then, here’s to all the good things in life in 2020, including and especially Books and Readings!

15 thoughts on “Reading Plans and 2020

    1. Love these rules and plans – very sensible and encouraging. We all go through various phases in life, adjusting our reading expectations during these times helps us to feel less frustrated and more in control.

      Good luck with the certification and your reading plans (I may see you around for the 1920’s club 🙂

      1. Thank you!! I do miss all the challenges and you know being forced to discover new things! But it is what it and I will make the best of what I can! Lets do 1920’S for sure!!

  1. Eww…a 1920s Club! So tempted to fit in one of my TBRs. Right now I’m reading Babbitt, which takes place in 1920. But I’m sure I can find another or two. Thanks for the head’s up.

    Oh, and I finally got sick of the unread books growing on my shelves, too.

    Happy Reading!

    1. that was my exact reaction Ruth!! Eww…lol! Nothing to thank me for; And yes, I totally get about the unread books! Wishing you a wonderful and bookish 2020!

  2. A very good plan! Anything you might do beyond it is all icing on the cake! I enjoyed the Luminaries, I hope you are too. And Bleak House is amazing! Have you read it before? if not you are in for a treat!

  3. after i retired the book shelves acquired a life of their own; before i knew it, books had left their homes and were crawling across the floor toward me… so i had to put on the binders so far as purchasing goes… your plan sounds like a sane one: best of luck with it and with your impending promotion (which, i take it, is at stake…)

    1. Thank You so much!! I really really really need the promotion both for financial as well personal ambition reasons (I KNOW I should not be so Corporate cut throat!!!) But I do look forward to eventually getting out of this game and just living in the mountains, reading and playing with a couple of dogs! to make all of that happen I need the money now! I know the feeling of books crawling across the floor….you should see my bedroom floor!!!!

  4. I heartily concur with all your points. But I might need 3 years to hit them all! Let’s try for Pather Dabi in June and then Bleak House after that. But please remind me ….. my brain is a sieve lately. And the 1920s club looks great. I’m going to think about that one! I might be able to fit in a number of Christie’s that way!

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