The January Reading Month….

Many moons ago, when I was still young (relatively speaking) I used to do these round up posts for the month. Then life and its complications intruded and everything including my regular blogging commitments fell apart. However, the thing about life is it passes and like I said previously, the only way to normalize things is to go back to the simpler tasks and do it again, as much as possible. So here I stand with a round up of January readings!

Personally January and I am knocking on the wood as I say and write this saw a whole lot of improvement from December. Yes, things continue to be tough, but I felt a growth and a letting go and learning of new lessons, which hereto I was not completely aware off. You would think at the advanced age of 37, I would know it all, but I did not and this month has opened up my mind to new ideas and thoughts and interesting revelations that I never thought existed and it’s all been very educational. With Dad’s health a tad improved and some brighter things on the horizon from the professional front, I can say, that January has been a good start to the year! (Knocking really hard on the wood!)

Reading in Winters
Summer morning by Robert Vonnoh, 1895

From a reading perspective, it seems like, while I have read quite a bit (GoodReads says I am 2 books ahead of my 2020 reading challenge !) it has mostly, actually, completely, been a re-read kind of a month. As I previously stated, I am picking thing’s up on a whim, reading what I feel is entertaining or enlightening and not worrying too much about what-should-be-read! Considering the kind of stress life has lately been under, the joy of reading old favorites has especially been comforting and in some cases even inspirational. I continued on my “selective” Harry Potter journey; while I have read and own the entire series, there are certain parts that I like more than the others and those I re-visit more than often. I managed to re-read The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Half Blood Prince in January. The Prisoner of Azkaban is my most favorite; and among various reasons, this is book that kicked of my Harry Potter love affair! Speaking of fantasy and inspirations, no one did it better than Sir Terence David John Pratchett aka Terry Pratchett. His Discworld series are one of those very few books that teaches all of us to be better, kinder and more generous to our fellow creatures, all the while making us laugh till we ache and also telling us a highly entertaining story in the process. (If you want more details, please read my dedicatory post to him, here!) He was a genius and his words gives many of strength and courage and in year where things were more dimmer than brighter; re-reading Maskerade and Men at Arms was a good reminder of courage, honesty and doing the right thing, even if it’s the hardest thing to do! Vi Va Sir Pratchett, gone too soon! If you have never read his work, please go ahead and buy some, not all books are great, and some are for sure better than the others, but they all teach us something! Finally with all the hype around the new Little Women film, I kind of ended up re-reading this wonderful classic again. And once again was left in awe of the quiet courage of Mrs. March and the sheer goodness of Beth who has always been the role model since I was 11 and read the abridged version. All my friends wanted to Jo, but I always aspired to be Beth, albeit wanting to lead a happy boisterous life! Beth’s death always moves me (Yes! I cry every time!) and I picked up a little know but very funny novel for variation – Kissing Toads by Jemma Harvey. While this book has very few readers and it is easy to categorize it as a chick-lit, 10 minutes into the book you realize that it is anything but one. Sure, there is romance, but it is primarily about friendships and sisterhood and friends who are family that this book really touches upon!

That was my January reading! For February, I already started on Carpe Jagulum by Terry Pratchett ( because once you start, you cannot stop!) Also, I have almost completed this wonderful selection of essays on literary woman and woman authors by Elizabet,h Chadwick called Seduction and Betrayal. Kaggsy introduced me to this brilliant collection and I am ever so grateful to have read this volume. I also have the new Jeffrey Archer novel, Nothing Ventured lined up and while my chunkster reading – The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton has hit a slump, I hope to get started again!

That is all I had for today! Happy February everyone!

P.S. Does anyone know the artist who painted the picture I have incorporated. I have done all kinds of searches but cannot find the author of this wonderful piece of art and I really really want to give the due credit and learn more about their work!

P.P.S. Kaggsy to rescue again; Painting identified and updated with due credits.


14 thoughts on “The January Reading Month….

  1. i’l just have to dynamite a gap in my reading schedule and shoehorn Pratchett in there… been meaning to read him and not done it for too many years…

    i have bad news: i’m 76 and i don’t know as much now as when i was 37… not that others would follow the same path, just saying… (lol)

    1. Hahahhha….so you think the older we grow, the lesser we know?? Maybe you have a point…lol! I cannot recommend Terry Pratchett enough….start with Maskerade or Jingo or Feet of Clay!

  2. I’m so glad to hear things are on the upswing for you, my sister!

    The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite as well. I think I liked the first three and then it went downhill for me. I must confess I haven’t read Pratchett but I have him in mind. I just never seem to have the time to get to him. I want to read The Luminaries too. I just have to finish with Homer first. This read-along has been so rewarding but ALOT of work. I’m looking forward to having more time to read.

    A very happy reading February to you!

    1. Thank You so much Cleo! It’s good feel some bit of the sunlight!! I sooooo agree with you, the first 3 books in the set are the best and then I like Book 6 a bit; everything else, I just pass! Surprise, surprise, Book 3 is the common favorite! Whenever you read Pratchett, let me know and we will do it together. In a world filled with so many books, if there is one author one has to choose, then Sir Terry wins, hands down. You are doing such a fabulous job with Iliad Read Along…I am like so inspired!! A very happy and rewarding February to you too my sister!

  3. Happy February, Cirtnecce! Beth is a wonderful character – you’ve reminded me I ought to re-read Little Women. (Actually I ought to do more re-reading in general. ;))

  4. I’m so glad January was a good month for you and your Dad’s health has improved. Let’s hope for an even better month in February. 🙂 I love re-reading but never seem to do enough of it now. I’m determined to find time to re-read some of my favourites this year.

  5. So glad to hear things are going well so far this year for you & your family. Comfort reads are the only way to get through these harder times. Jane Austen is my main go to, but Lityle Women is such a blessing of a book. The love and kindness on every page is the perfect antidote for everything!
    The new movie was good too. Different but good in its own right. The love & kindness was at the heart of it despite the more modern techniques used.

    Glad to see your posts appearing in my feed again 😊 (& glad to have the time to read them too!)

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