Let’s Spin Again…..

The Classic Club Spin is one of my most favorite reading activities. Over the years it has forced me to read books, that I was not sure I wanted to read and tackle texts, which I thought would be beyond me! Naturally the result has been wonderful, I fell in love with so many books that I had been hesitant to read; of course, there were one or two odd ones, that I could not and still do not like, but most of the times, the result were way more positive, with discovery of books and authors to cherish forever. Lately however, with all the tumult that life has thrown up, I have missed many of these events, but now that I am slowly settling back in, it is time to turn to those things that gave me a sense of joy and achievement. Therefore, I am all set to participate in The Classic Club Spin # 24

Thoughts by John Henry Henshall, 1883, The Athenaeum

The rules are as always, extremely simple and I quote from the site directly –

  • Pick twenty books that you’ve got left to read from your Classics Club List.
  • Post that list, numbered 1-20, on your blog before Sunday 9th August.
  • We’ll announce a number from 1-20. 
  • Read that book by 30th September 2020.

Thus, without further ado, I present my list of 20 and look forward to August 9th with both excitement and some trepidation (not all books are up there in I-want-so-read list!)

1The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarrington
2Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
3Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy
4Wives and Daughter by Elizabeth Gaskell
5Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens
6The Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xuequin & Chi-chen Wang (Translator)
7Son Excellence Eugène Rougon by Emile Zola  
8The Bucaneers by Edith Wharton
9The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne
10Kim by Rudyard Kipling
11And Quiet Flows The Dawn by Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov
12The Bachelor by Stella Gibbons
13A Country Doctor’s Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov
14The Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy
15Tevye the Dairyman and Motl the Cantor’s Son by Sholem Aleichem
16Gora by Rabindranath Tagore
17Gossip in a Library by Edmund Grosse
18Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck
19 Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson
20White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

And now we wait for Aug 9th!


18 thoughts on “Let’s Spin Again…..

  1. I hope you get #s 8 or 14 because I want to hear about those books. 🙂

    Pardon a humble brag, but I’m really glad you enjoy the spins. I’m terrible at them, but they were my idea (I posted the first several at the club sites & wrote out the posts), & it makes me smile to see them do so much good for people & spread so much reading excitement & joy. x

    1. I know Jillian and look how far you brought all of us together in this journey!! We are all forever grateful to you for starting this off and I personally because it enabled me to read books which I believe I would have never read! And I am now curious about Sonata especially because of the Vera Brittain connection!!

    1. Ok….I admit I am a bit more partial towards Charlie and am secretly hoping to read it! Lol! Though I know you have told me on multiple occasions to give Tristram Shandy a try and you have never been wrong in your guidance!

  2. Ahhh another Tagore graces your list! I still remember our readalong very fondly 🙂

    This spin we share The Dream of the Red Chamber, but it is one of those books that I’m dreading.
    I’m (re)reading War & Peace this year, so that is enough Tolstoy for me for now! But I will tuck away the Sonata on my wishlist if you like it.

    1. Thank You! Tagore is one of those authors, the more you read, the more you want to read! I think I picked up the idea of reading The Dream from you, if I recollect — some blog/twitter discussion! And I too am not quite excited about tackling it! War and Peace is actually one of my all time favs. but I am curious about Sonata though again not exactly excited!

  3. Argh! I didn’t even have time to post here before the number was drawn. There were a few books here that I would have read with you but I’m leaving you and Steinbeck to travel together. May your journey be fruitful!

    1. Hahhhaaaa….. don’t worry Steinbeck will not take up too much time and as soon as your course work ease up, let me know what you want to read and we will get started! By the Solitary Walker is really making me think!

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