The Spinning Number

Following up from my last post, the Classic Club has declared the number for Spin #24 and it is – ta da – 18!! What does that mean? It means I am overly joyed, completely excited and for a change not dreading reading the book that has been spun out – I get Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck ( Drum Roll Please!)

Steinbeck is one of those authors who was critical in my formative years and along with Jane Austen and Harper Lee has left an indelible mark on my character, giving me a set of values and creating my belief system. East of Eden is my most favorite and it’s closing lines of “Timshel” – you may overcome is one of my guiding principles in life, where the choice to overcome is yours and it’s is your action that drives your life. However despite this abiding love and admiration for Steinbeck, there are some books which I still have to read (the old problem of so many books and so little time ) and therefore I am over the moon that this one time I have a Classic that I do want to read!

I just ordered my copy today and hope to post a review of the book soon! So what was your Spin number?


13 thoughts on “The Spinning Number

    1. Of course and we have to have some difference to add spice. Also I must say Cleo, that I think if I had read him as an adult, my adulation may be different. I think…but for now I really really do like him!

    1. I’m not ignoring you either Mudpuddle but since Blogger did that upgrade, my blogroll on my old blog (where I get to everyone’s posts …. I haven’t figured out yet how to put one on my present blog) is taking FOREVER to load, if it loads at all, and I haven’t had the time to wait for it. I guess I couldn’t convince you to change back to WordPress …??? WordPress blogs are so much easier to comment on for me. But no pressure. I will hopefully be back to commenting on everyone’s blogs when I get Blogger (and my life) straightened out!

  1. i’d do it except i’m afraid i’d have the same problem of not being able to print posts… i guess i could start a whole new blog and call it something else, but then i’d still have the same email address and that might mess things up… it’s all so hopeless, sob… (haha)

    1. Awww…Big Hug! But I have to agree with Cleo…your wordpress site was much easier to access and comment….but you stick to to Blogger if that works for you and we will figure it out!!

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