More Updates on the Big C

I know it has been a while since I came around to posting anything but there was too much going on in the life and time was scarce. Most of what was happening in the life was a good; some minor hiccups here and there but for a change nothing to get my life off kilter and most of it was good – celebrating all the Indian festivals, travelling, meeting people and all that that makes life good! But I did want to pop in for a few updates.

To begin with, as of last Friday, I have completed my chemotherapy and per my CA Marker tests, as of now there seems to be no evidence of disease. I may have to undergo some minor radiation in January but that is again preventive and the doctors are still debating whether I need it or not. Of course I will be on medication for a while with exhaustive medical check ups every three months. Also I have been advised that my Chemotherapy side effects, especially the fatigue, body ache and weakness may last upto a year and I may continue to have some bad days; however for all events and purposes, I am well. I am healthy and I have been living life pretty much like I used to before I fell sick! This in itself is one of the greatest and most awesome blessing and I have so much gratitude for this fact!

Celebrating the last of the Chemotherapy Session with my amazing Medical Team & Sister at the Hospital

Now through my journey, I came across a lot of misinformation, myth and a general casual or complete horror approach to this illness. Most folks seemed to think that being diagnosed with Cancer was end of the road and I may as well wait for the sword to fall. While several others inundated me with nonsensical information and a certain section of people whom I considered friends , abandoned me, perhaps thinking that I may need assistance or whatever. Since my diagnosis I have spoken to several other cancer patients who tell me of similar experience and ghosting is one common social side effect of Cancer. Needless to say there is a need to spread information and raise awareness and more communities to not only help Cancer patients but also caregivers or even people not directly affected but in some way touched by the disease through illness of a friend or a relative. These are not happy or pleasant things but t as data shows an increased rise in Cancer diagnosis across geographies, these become increasingly important things to be told! As a result of all this I started an Insta page to support some of these myth breaking conversations, provide general information about reducing cancer risk and caregiving 101. I also followed it up with a blog page ( work in progress ) and you can find me here ( Insta ) and here ( Blog ). It would be an honor if all you could drop by and follow and most importantly share some feedback and thoughts on what I can do more!

For now I am just grateful that as I approach my birthday on 23rd of this month, I am healthy and well and can live every moment like I used to and like I would want to. I realize this as one of the greatest of all blessings and am humbled and saddened to think that many are denied this everyday! I am truly lucky, here and now and that alone is best possible gift of all times!


13 thoughts on “More Updates on the Big C

  1. WOW! great news! i’ve been wondering how you were doing and was mightily relieved to see this post… i admire your courage and fortitude in combatting the disease, and how you truly demonstrated “true grit”, as they say… nice photo of a group of caring and capable people!

    1. I am so sorry to be MIA …just too many things going on! Thank You as always for your kind words and encouragement, it helped get over some awful moments! The team was an A team and supremely fortunate to have found them!

  2. I have been wondering about you every day lately and was going to try sending an email. I’m terrible for going on Instagram, I know!

    You are a wonderwoman! I would give yourself a year to a year and a half to feel like your normal self again. I do hope you don’t have to do the radiation.

    I will definitely go and take a look at your new cancer blog and posts. There’s a group on Facebook I’m following who is using a metabolic approach to stopping cancer using repurposed drugs (along with diet and supplements, etc.) and I’m continually shocked at how successful it’s been for people with very serious cancers. There are so many options that people don’t know about.

    In any case, glad to hear you’re over this part of the journey. Many hugs to you, my dear friend!!

    1. Thank You and your support has been a big thing in getting me through this journey. You have no idea how much your insights and encouragement has sustained me. I do hope I do not have to undergo radiation ; but if it is, it is. I know what you mean by a year, year and a half. My doctors have also advised the same. I have had several and terrible bouts of fatigue where I cannot do anything; I have been told they will continue for a while and diet and exercise are a must. When you get time, do take a look at the pages and share some feedback….I really need some inputs and how I can do this better! 🙂

    1. Thank You Stefanie! I am really happy to be done with it with all; but it has been a life changing experience and I want to figure out how to help others. Hence the blog and the Insta and some other projects in the pipeline! 🙂

  3. I am very glad to read this positive report from you. I enjoy our interactions on Instagram and look forward to many more book recs! I have also benefitted from your cancer conversation page. Real life experiences from a non medical person is so important. Have a happy December and birth😍✨

    1. Thank You so much for your kind words and encouragement! They mean the world to me! Thank You again! Here’s to a wonderful december filled with love, laughter & great books!

  4. I’m so glad to hear such great news about your health! I totally understand why you have such a great smile on that picture, that’s worth celebrating… with a large heap of books, perhaps!?

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