March End Notes….

Well the month of March was a blur to say the least! As I had mentioned in the last post, there was just too much going on and the tempo did not ease through the last weeks either; but all of it was good, so all well worth the time spent! On top of continuing to support the local community with mentoring women entrepreneurs with limited education in business and strategy, I have also been collaborating a lot lately on my cancer awareness page ( you can find it here )and while it gives me new learning everyday, it also takes away a lot of what is essentially limited time. Besides this, my family came visiting and we all went for a small break to the Himalayas (Yes! Again!) and then there was parties and social evenings! I continued to be Chemo sick for several days and that did put a spanner on all the good things, but like someone told me lately, one’s simply got to roll with the punches!

The first thing that took take a hit because of all my whirlwind activities this month was my reading. With a full time job and all these side hustles and getting the apartment back in shape and getting the family settled, well, there was simply no time! Also some days the sickness got so bad, that words and sentences made no sense and every concept was foggy and illusive. Those days I could do nothing except read Tintin and Asterix comic books and I thank the powers that be for this simple and undiluted pleasure which saw me through those painful hours! In the end, a very dismal month from a reading perspective, though qualitatively speaking I thoroughly and completely loved reading these 4 books! I hope to read a bit more in April and have a few chunksters lined up!

March brings a very brief spring in India but while these two -three weeks last, the trees burst into colors and it’s seems like someone took a bucket of paint and splashed it all over them! It is a sight of unmatched beauty and a swansong before the burning summer overtakes the plains!

A dear friend of mine is spending a few months with his parents in the southern most state of India, Kerala and in March they have a week long celebration in honor of the local deities . It is a sight to behold and I am sharing some pictures and videos from one of the events , with his permission. The stately pachyderms are the highlight of the festival, respected, cared for and revered as symbol of good fortune !

With our family visiting, a trip to the hills is a mandate and Kasuali is a lovely sight to behold! This small Himalayan town is quaint and eccentric and is one of the oldest military cantonments of India. This is a place for leisurely walks and stopping for coffee and soaking in the sun, all the things we did and had great fun doing it! The highlight of the trip was the resort we were staying in; nestled among the woods it’s USP was the fact that the entire hotel was built around the trees, without cutting them down. That meant we had a full grown Himalayan Oak tree right inside our bedroom!!!

It was also my sister’s birthday month, so there was flowers, food, cake and many celebrations! Perhaps the best ever way to end a month!

It has been a crazy month, but a good month with new learnings and perspectives! I end with what I think is a very apt poem by my most favorite Ms. Emily Dickenson –

Dear March—Come in—
How glad I am—
I hoped for you before—
Put down your Hat—
You must have walked—
How out of Breath you are—
Dear March, how are you, and the Rest—
Did you leave Nature well—
Oh March, Come right upstairs with me—
I have so much to tell—

I got your Letter, and the Birds—
The Maples never knew that you were coming—
I declare – how Red their Faces grew—
But March, forgive me—
And all those Hills you left for me to Hue—
There was no Purple suitable—
You took it all with you—

Who knocks? That April—
Lock the Door—
I will not be pursued—
He stayed away a Year to call
When I am occupied—
But trifles look so trivial
As soon as you have come

That blame is just as dear as Praise
And Praise as mere as Blame—

To March by Emily Dickenson


12 thoughts on “March End Notes….

  1. Life gets in the way of reading sometimes, doesn’t it? But I do think you’ve had some lovely times this month with family and friends, and that’s important. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos with us!

  2. You have been reading far more than I have! 😀 Thanks for sharing these wonderful glimpses of your life. ❤ I pray for your wellness, but rest assured, in spite of it all, you are looking great! I also really like that poem by Emily.

    1. Thank You! I know we read for pleasure and should not get stressed if we are making slow progress, but we are also human and like things in a certain order! I love Emily Dickenson!

  3. I loved seeing the spring colours of India – thank you – the sunny marigolds are a particular favourite.
    Given the lilngering effects of chemo and all your lovely family events PLUS work, I’m surprised you had time to read anything! But I know how it is with dedicated readers, you (we) have to squeeze something in, somehow, no matter what 😀

    1. Marigolds are one of my favorites and they have special symbolism in Hindu mythology as “the flowers” for offering to the Gods! On reading, exactly – while we want to have fun, we want to and we must read!

  4. A tree inside your bedroom! Well that is certainly different. Although you’ve had a rough time with the reaction to your treatment, at least you were able to have such a wonderful time with the family. Books will always be with us but family will not so if you sacrificed your reading for time with the family, that was a very wise thing to do

    1. Yes the tree inside the bedroom was something! I so agree with you, and its a fact that I appreciate some of these simple things way more that I did before cancer like time with family! Even if it does take away reading time 🙂

  5. Wow, what a month! I’m surprised you managed to read even four books with everything going on. Happy birthday to your sister! Her cake looks amazing! And all those trees in bloom, gorgeous! Enjoy the short spring. I hope the summer heat takes its time in reaching you.

  6. My goodness you were busy this month. And I have to say I am a little bit jealous….oh the family is here we have to go to the Himalayas! But seriously, I know the chemo stuff is hard and yes you DO have to roll with the punches, but still grrrrr..

    Anyway, thanks for taking us along and sharing your life. All the photos are super. Glad you could spend time with those you love ❤

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