What Have I been Up to? April – May End Notes

It seems odd to write about April and May end notes when July is only 10 days away. But that means at the very least I will make an effort to put another post for June. So for now its April and June. Needless to say I have been supremely busy, work finally became crazy work and long hours again has become a norm. I am more than ever at it on my Cancer Advocacy page on Instagram. There are mentorships that I have been doing and writing some pieces on the side, include this one. Family has also been visiting as well as friends. And of course, it does not help that I keep getting sick ( overall well; chemo side effects continue ) and that takes away a lot of time in what is already a short pool of time. Even reading was limited for a while and blogging non existent. But I have been close to the edge of the other side and I must say that while I do regret blogging not enough and resolve to manage time better, I am very glad and supremely grateful to be living again and living a full life!

Now about reading, like I said, it has been slow and May was horrible. I seemed to have spent May being in the middle of many books and never finishing anything. And almost nothing seemed to hold my interest.

But I did immensely enjoy The Nectar in the Sieve about which I posted here; and I was absolutely enthralled by The Sentence by Louise Erdrich. The plot could have been a bit more cohesive and the character evolution was patchy in places, but the prose and the writing integrated the Native Indian history and inheritance was brilliant. It is a book I want to go back to and read again and soon!

April was the month when the Bengali ( Eastern India ) new year is celebrated, so instead of cooking, the family, my uncle, aunt, sister and moi, we went out for a grand dinner. The food was magnificent, as was the company and of course, new outfits for the occasion never harms!

And of course despite much promise and self discipline on spending, there were outings to the book store and some coffee shops.

Most importantly after much heartburns and anxiety and several days of dealing with self esteem issues, I finally have hair on my head. While it is short, it is still real and I cannot wait for it to grow long again!!!!

That was then my two months, spent in books, food and family, besides work and more! I end this post with two short poems for April and May!

The moon comes up o'er the deeps of the woods,
And the long, low dingles that hide in the hills,
Where the ancient beeches are moist with buds
Over the pools and the whimpering rills;

And with her the mists, like dryads that creep
From their oaks, or the spirits of pine-hid springs,
Who hold, while the eyes of the world are asleep,
With the wind on the hills their gay revellings.

Down on the marshlands with flicker and glow
Wanders Will-o'-the-Wisp through the night,
Seeking for witch-gold lost long ago
By the glimmer of goblin lantern-light.

The night is a sorceress, dusk-eyed and dear,
Akin to all eerie and elfin things,
Who weaves about us in meadow and mere
The spell of a hundred vanished Springs.
                          An April Night by LM Montgomery 

There is May in books forever;
May will part from Spenser never;
May’s in Milton, May’s in Prior,
May’s in Chaucer, Thomson, Dyer;
May’s in all the Italian books:—
She has old and modern nooks,
Where she sleeps with nymphs and elves,
In happy places they call shelves,
And will rise and dress your rooms
With a drapery thick with blooms.
Come, ye rains, then if ye will,
May’s at home, and with me still;
But come rather, thou, good weather,
And find us in the fields together.

               May and the Poets by Leigh Hunt

And that is about it! What all have you all been up to, while I was away?


10 thoughts on “What Have I been Up to? April – May End Notes

    1. Karen I am honestly so relieved to have hair back…you would think I would be more altruistic about such things! But no, hair matters ! I did have some good times but I need to find more reading time and more importantly more books that jive!

  1. It’s good to hear that in spite of everything you are doing well! I was getting concerned, especially with the heatwave you had there for so long, so I am glad you posted! I loved the Sentence especially since it takes place in my city! I have never been to Erdrich’s bookstore, but one of these days I am determined to go.

    1. Thank You Stefanie! So sorry I was MIA for so long! The heatwave here was….ugh! Burning earth! I loved The Sentence and I kept thinking about you all the way through the book! If you should ever go to her bookstore, and meet Ms. Erdrich , let her know that far far away in a whole different continent , a reader absolutely admires her work!

  2. I’ve had short hair a number of times throughout my life – with a good cut it can look so chic and sexy! I had Lady Di hair in my teens and the Janine Turner/Northern Exposure style in my twenties. But I also know how confronting it is coming out of chemo – so bravo for embracing this new style for now 👏🏽

    I’m also a fan of Erdrich’s writing and hope to get to The Sentence soon.

    1. And you look so great with the hair! Very chic! I never however had short hair , not even as a kid so my natural preference is always for longer styles. But at this point Brona I am just very grateful to have my own hair back on my head. Erdrich is awesome; I have no idea how I missed her works for so long??!!

  3. I have missed you, my friend. We’ve both been silent or silent-ish …..

    Cute photos and it’s nice to see that you’re having a good time. And it’s good to hear that you’re reading. Me too although slower than I had hoped. I’m trudging through Aristotle now although it’s easier and more interesting than I’d anticipated.

    In any case, good to hear from you! Take care of yourself!

    1. Hey Cleo…I know…we both have been quiet – ish….not our usual self. I am very grateful for the happy times though reading has been slow and not all I am reading is up to my liking! I do admire you stick to it-ivness with Aristotle! That’s a tough read, but I am sure you will do great! It’s so good to hear from you! I hope your are ok health wise!

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