I was born and brought up in an ancient land and began travelling all over this country and beyond before I could walk on my own feet (Thanks to a wanderlusting Father). To paraphrase Harper Lee I have no idea when I started reading or when did my father’s moving fingers over alphabets transcend into words and when those words became mine to be put down on paper. Somewhere in the wilderness of travelling, reading voraciously and writing copiously, I managed to complete a Masters in International Politics. Currently, in daytime I work as a run of the mill Project Manager for a conglomerate; while in the night I rush out to save the world from the ignominy of bad writing through travelogues, diaries, letters, blogs, stories etc.

To say that I love books is a subtle understatement and I spend most of my time and extremely limited money in buying them. When not reading, I try to convince my flatmate (who needs very little convincing) to plan and then (horror! horror!) undertake outrageous trips. I am devoted to the causes of great food, Vivaldi and Impressionist Paintings….but most of all I love life! I think life is filled with nuggets of moments of such joy! Karma and all is fine, but we live only once and I am so not dying thinking “Damm! I did not do that!”

Join me while I discover…well whatever I can discover!

P.S. please feel free to make suggestions to what all I should discover!

Update :: Since writing this “About” page, I have added on more to myself – I am now also an accomplished, albiet eccentric cook! I love cooking up new meals, whose ingredient portions I never remember when asked! (Hint: Don’t ask the measurements!) I have also lately taken up running; having been obese and slow, I have never ran, until a year or so back and since then I have discovered a physical liberation, I did not know exists! I am still obese and my running is often off and on, but now I actively seek open spaces to discover them, which has opened my to a whole new kind of wandering!


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