Back to Where We Started From…..

It’s the first of the brand new year again and someone sent me text with a quote that goes as follows –

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ― Brad Paisley

I thought this is very apt; as most of you are aware I am unusually fond of New Beginnings, even it means a new beginning at the middle of the year. So while I set new chapters for the 2013 book, which I will enumerate shortly, I need to face facts and see how I did in my 2012 plans, which some niggling conscience tells me that I did a disastrous job –

  1. Earn more –  Well I did but I spent it all so that’s no good
  2. Lose weight – Lost 5 pounds to a goal of 30 pounds…..oh! Brother! This was so no go!
  3. Write rigorously and get published – Write I did and a lot more but I need to do      more. I attempted to get published but did not get through; but did not follow-up either
  4. Compatible partnerships – The tricky one; Still in no man’s land, but definitely      becoming a rock solid formation and may be heading towards an island      formation. So some points scored here.
  5. Save and cut debts – No! Did not manage any saving and incurred more debts! Ouch!


The scorecard does not look good, but I am the eternal optimist and I will make yet another goal sheet or rather chapter plan for 2013’s books and I am extremely confident that I will make more success of it this year (Ya! Ya! I know you are scoffing, but there is something called the eternal sunshine of unbound optimism!)

  1. Lose Weight – 30 pounds and no less.
  2. Save and cut debts – I will probably earn what I do today, but I need to be more frugal
  3. Write more and get published – Complete the incomplete works (at least 3 at this point) and send them for publication. Attempt minimum of 5-6 publishing houses/agents.
  4. Compatible Partnerships – Create an island and set the foundation for a larger land mass like a continent, which is sustainable for centuries.
  5. Read more – Not only what I like but some more works the Lecito List as well some difficult works like Balzac and Dostoyevsky

I am not sure if this is ambitious or not, but like I said, I am an eternal optimist and unless I begin how will I end?


Valentine and All that Jazz

I am aware that today is Valentine’s Day and people round the world will be offering me the pros and cons of celebrating or not celebrating the day. I am really not interested in the debate…. I mean really, I am not and I repeat not concerned with –

  1. You are celebrating the day only because your wife/girlfriend/partner/dog/cat/rabbit wants you to
  2. You are celebrating because you feel that it is a special day to showcase love
  3. You are not celebrating because you feel that you do not need a special day to showcase love

As far as I am concerned, I really do not care mate! Do whatever you feel like and do not go boring the world and yes…..blocking my Facebook, Twitter and mobile accounts with mush. Really! One should have some compassion for one’s fellow creatures.

What I really find intriguing about this dastardly boring day is the idea suggested by Saki in his short story “The Feast of Nemesis”. Clovis, Saki’s alter ego and principle protagonists suggests to Mrs Thackenbury about day to pay off old scores, grudges and where one makes a list of “People who must not be let off!” as an antithesis to all Valentine/Christmas/New Year events. I would strongly recommend reading the story ….trust me it provides a whole new perspective! You can read it online at, if you do not want to go the old fashioned paper route!

This story along with a real fun blog by Renne Fisher called “A Valentine for Someone I Hate” ( got me thinking of a couple of people for whom I would really really really want to spend some quality time planning how not to “let them off”. I am not vindictive, but sometimes one is compelled by circumstances! So in the lines of Anna Karenina “Vengeance is mine! I shall repay”; here goes my top three master plans –

  1. My aunt who never let me eat enough on family dinners because I was overweight – I would want to throw a gala dinner party only and only for you and keep feeding you until……well until I feel like and you are extremely uncomfortable
  2. My erstwhile best friend who planned and succeeded in taking away my guy from me – I will pay another woman to do the same to you, especially now that you are both “committed” to each other and you are completely financially dependent on him. It would not hurt him too much either if the woman dumps publicly either!
  3. My Boss – Lesser said the better; just read my other blog ( and you would get the idea! I hope someone does to you what you have done unto us and in the whole balance of life kind of thing, I do see it happening! His boss is as erratic and unreasonable as it gets! So no plan here…only let the nature take its course!

This would be my plan! But really in a life that is so short and unpredictable, do I really have the time and energy to even wishing such things, let alone execute? Naaaaaaaa!

Like I said, life is far too much to offer to get caught up in such petty details, no matter how much they might have mattered to you at one time….besides, the more I see my boss and his plight, the more I am convinced that what you do is what you gonna get! So one good dead will beget another….or vice versa! Better to be in the first boat me thinks!